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18 February 2011

Obama, the epitome of a sycophantic politician


Oh, The Irony of It All

A friend sends along a link to this picture of President Obama's dinner last night with the Silicon Valley elite. Seated to the right of the Prez is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to the left is Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

My anti-union friend notes:
Yesterday President Obama literally phoned in his support to the union-organized up Melee in Madison and then jetted to SV to sup with the friendly tech CEOs, including Steve Jobs. (I’m a big fan of AAPL, in full disclosure.)
High Irony? Yes, the US tech industry falls into two camps regarding unions: 1) non-union and 2) anti-union.
This is easy to understand. Obama falls into two camps, the "I seek votes" camp and the "I seek campaign money" camp. The union members will provide him with votes and the geeks will provide the campaign money (for a price of course).

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We assume these things of politicians, and its nice to see that our assumptions are well grounded by practical examples...

Well, we can hope for the old saying to come true in this case:  He who sits on fence gets picket up ass...


  1. I like this definition of sycophantic!

    "fawning parasite"

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