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06 November 2010

We were robbed, again, on Wednesday.

from yesterday:
Let Them Eat Mud Pie
The monetary and financial system that we are enslaved under at the current moment in human history has recently transformed itself into one of the most immoral and destructive forces the world has ever seen.  The reason many citizens in America cannot see the extent of it at this time is because the Federal Reserve in coordination with Washington D.C. and the money center banks are doing everything in their power to keep you blind and complacent while they rob you blind.  Many of the people in these institutions are not cognizant of the theft they are engaging in as they are either useful idiots or so wrapped up in their ego and false belief that they are making the paycheck they are based on some useful skill rather than simply working at the institutions that are instrumental in carrying out the ponzi scheme.  You see, at the highest levels the elite must understand that the U.S. is flat broke; however, an admission of this would mean loss of power and possibly criminal prosecution.  As a result, they have zero, I mean ZERO interest in the outcome for the general public and will do “whatever it takes” to quote Ben Bernanke to cover up their economically fatal mistakes and keep the mirage alive.  As I mentioned above, there are two main segments that are crucial to keeping the ponzi scheme going, Washington D.C. and the big money center banks.   This is why the Federal Reserve is quite purposefully directing all of the new money they are creating out of thin air into these two already bloated and corrupt cancers on the American landscape. 
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The Real American Revolution

In this, the third American War for Independence, the war needs to be fought for the minds of the rational Americans who are interested in what true Liberty and Freedom mean.  
Freedom is not freedom from want or freedom from deprivation;  that is the meaning of the term "Freedom" when applied by an agent of the Socialist Left.   
Freedom is not freedom from fear of a foreign enemy.  That "freedom" is that which is promised by the Neoconservative.  His method for securing the freedom from fear is through net loss of personal freedom to gain personal security (not to mention constantly reminding you of what you should fear, sometimes actual, sometimes manufactured by them).  Now we have the TSA pornoscanners and gropers, 4th amendment violations.  We have warrantless searches and wiretaps.  We have executive orders to jail American citizens, any American citizens, that he deems an "enemy combatant."  The president can also order the death of an American citizen without due process.
Freedom is the right of an individual to succeed or fail without government help or hinderance.  A person is free when he is unhindered by government;  when his wealth is not confiscated in the form of taxes or through government sanctioned counterfeiting (Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve).
If you are free you will not be forced under threat of imprisonment to give up hard earned money to help support a pet special interest project in another city, state, or country as so often happens now in this country.  Your tax money is taken from your earnings and given to support someone else's idea of what is important, whether it is to help the poor, build a bridge to nowhere, or allow the government of a foreign country to buy two dozen F-16's.    If you are free, your tax money will not be confiscated for an unconstitutional undeclared war.
 The American Revolution was not a common event. Its effects and consequences have already been awful over a great part of the globe. And when and where are they to cease?
But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. While the king, and all in authority under him, were believed to govern in justice and mercy, according to the laws and constitution derived to them from the God of nature and transmitted to them by their ancestors, they thought themselves bound to pray for the king and queen and all the royal family, and all in authority under them, as ministers ordained of God for their good; but when they saw those powers renouncing all the principles of authority, and bent upon the destruction of all the securities of their lives, liberties, and properties, they thought it their duty to pray for the continental congress and all the thirteen State congresses.
There might be, and there were others who thought less about religion and conscience, but had certain habitual sentiments of allegiance and loyalty derived from their education; but believing allegiance and protection to be reciprocal, when protection was withdrawn, they thought allegiance was dissolved.
Another alteration was common to all. The people of America had been educated in an habitual affection for England, as their mother country; and while they thought her a kind and tender parent, (erroneously enough, however, for she never was such a mother,) no affection could be more sincere. But when they found her a cruel beldam, willing like Lady Macbeth, to “dash their brains out,” it is no wonder if their filial affections ceased, and were changed into indignation and horror.
This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.
John Adams, February 1818.  Letter to H. Niles

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Remember, Remember the Fifth of November...

Third war for American independence, Revolutionists' Guide

Y'all'll know that we have begun the Third War for American Independence.  The first being concluded successfully, and the second fought valiantly, to the bitter end, without success.  

Here's a tradition that would be nice to see revived, say, here:

Tarring and feathering practices of the American Revolution:

Victims were often partly or completely stripped. If the tar applied was hot, the victim’s skin would blister. But few reports indicate that the tar was heated before being applied. Also, in some cases, the tar was painted on over the victim’s clothes. Sometimes the victim was even permitted to wear a sheet or frock to protect his clothes. Hot or not, tar applied directly to the skin and allowed to dry would be difficult to get off. Sometimes, strips of skin would come off in the process of removing the tar.
The feathers from two pillows were about enough to cover a victim. In one incident, a feather mattress was cut open and dumped on a victim. In another case, members of a crowd repeatedly hurled a goose at their victim. In still another incident the feathers on the victim were set on fire.

Five-Hour Ordeal in Boston

In one of the cruelest tar-and-feather incidents, a man in Boston had his arm dislocated as he was stripped naked on one of the coldest nights of the year. Then over the course of five hours, he was not only tarred and feathered, but also carried through the town on a cart, beaten with clubs, whipped, forced to stand at the town gallows with a rope around his neck, and then forced to drink tea until he vomited.
In Charleston, South Carolina, one tarring and feathering apparently ended with a lynching. A mob there seized a minister suspected of being an enemy. After tarring and feathering the man, they erected a gibbet, and then hanged the man.
Sometimes, crowds applied tar and feathers to houses of those who violated patriotic demands. On one occasion, a merchant found his horse tarred and feathered. In Monmouth County, New Jersey, a pamphlet critical of the Continental Congress was given a “suit of tar and turkey-buzzard's feathers” and nailed to a pillory post.
People on the other side of the quarrel also employed the tactic. British soldiers, annoyed with constant harassment on the eve of the war, tarred and feathered a Massachusetts man who illegally attempted to buy a gun from a soldier. They also forced him to wear a placard that read "American Liberty: a Speciment of Democrasy" and carted him around to the tune of Yankee Doodle.
Records indicate that crowds of patriotic women also applied tar and feathers. In Stamford, Connecticut, women got word that a local mother had named her newborn after a former British commander. About 170 women gathered, marched to the mother’s house, and presented the mother “with a suit of tar and feathers.”

For Speaking Against Continental Congress

According to a contemporary newspaper report, women in Kinderhook, New York, who had gathered for a quilting bee, “tarred and feathered” a man for speaking against the Continental Congress. The “tar” they used was molasses. The “feathers” were the “downy tops of flags”—probably cattails—from a nearby meadow.

Modern equivalent materials:  Gorilla glue, Super glue, JB Weld, goose down available in bulk...

05 November 2010

31 October 2010

Why the Federal Reserve and government economists deserve the condemnation of all the American people.

Inflation, which robs each of us of the buying power of our money, in dribs and drabs, is planned by the Federal Reserve and the government.  They have a target rate of inflation that they consider "desirable."  This is so the government can pay off a debt made at one time with money that is worth less at a later time.   Meanwhile, our salaries, even with raises, tracks behind the inflation rate, so that "real wages" weaken.

Here is a personal example/lesson that I learned to my surprise about two years ago:

  Sometime just after the crash of the stock market, my mother in law returned to us a mislaid US Savings bond with a face value of $500 that someone had given us for our wedding about 15 years before.  It was purchased for $250.  It would take 30 years to mature to $500.  I found out that, if I were to cash it in at that time, before its maturity date, it would bring $414.  Then, out of curiosity, I looked into what would've happened if the person had spent the $250 on gold instead of the Savings Bond.  I looked up the historical price of gold, and found that the $250 would've bought about 2/3 oz. of gold.  At the time that I was doing these calculations in 2008, the 2/3 oz of gold was worth about $650.  Now 2/3 oz. of gold is worth $900.  (BTW, That $250 at the time of our wedding would have bought 50 oz. of silver, now worth $1200!!!)

Has the gold become more valuable?  It hasn't.  The gold still buys nearly the same list of commodities or items that it would have purchased in previous years:  the same expensive suit would have cost 1/2 to 1 oz of gold in the 1800's, 1900's, 1920's, 1970's, and today.  The gold stays the same in value over time;  the dollar decreases in value over time.

So I am liquidating a 401k that I have.  I no longer trust holding that wealth as Federal Reserve notes or stocks.  Whatever taxes I pay now aren't going to go down in the future unless there are Revolutionary changes in our government and economy.  I cannot rely on that for my kid's sake.  So I will pay my taxes to the current government, and turn the rest of the proceeds into precious metals and find a way to store it safely.  That way I know that a portion of the wealth I've accumulated is preserved.  This stored wealth may not then appreciate like an equity (stock), but if we have hyperinflation, the gold or silver can be used to purchase the ever worthless paper money at intervals when needed.  

There are troubling signs that we might have hyperinflation in the next couple of years because of the government and Federal Reserve actions which followed the stock market crash in 2008 and whatever they've done to follow up since then;  they are running out of tricks.  If the Fed tries to reverse the quantitative easing, and/or the foreign governments holding US treasuries (which you need to think of as the money in US dollars that we borrowed from them) start to dump the debt because they sense the dollar is losing its value, our market will be flooded with ever more and more dollars.  This causes each one dollar to be worth that much less.  People will try to dump the money becoming less valuable by buying, which causes demand to skyrocket, and prices to skyrocket.

This is our future.  Probably near future.  We are robbed of our wealth, placed into debt by our government, and the bill is coming due.

Leaders of the Department of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and their various cronies deserve tar, feathers, and being run out of town tied straddling a log rail.