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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

15 February 2011

Your taxes will pay for TSA Union dues

...and every TSA worker, once in this union, will be dis-incentivized to improve performance on the job.

So let me get this straight...They dont improve security, they violate our 4th amendment rights, they touch our wives and children inappropriately, we pay their salary involuntarily, and now we will pay for their Unionization (so that they can be even more surly than before)?



"On Feb. 4, the [Obama] administration gave TSA officials the right to unionize the agency’s work force, which previously had been waived “in light of their critical national security responsibilities.” This means that if TSA officers vote for it, up to 50,000 new union members will be paying hefty union dues - possibly $30 million annually, with the bill paid by taxpayers - for on-the-job conveniences and greater job security.

For travelers, that likely will lead to longer lines and even less responsive officials, who will feel secure in the knowledge that it’s ridiculously difficult to fire a unionized government employee. For taxpayers, it will mean paying more for the annoying status quo as the TSA employees become subject to union contracts that impose politicized, escalating pay scales that rely more on seniority and bureaucratic job-title classifications than on performance."

Commentary from the Washington Times