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18 July 2012

The 'hideous monster' unleashed by the Obamacare decision

Quote: from minority opinion AGAINST Obamacare

Here, however, Congress has impressed into service third parties, healthy individuals who could be but are not customers of the relevant industry, to offset the undesirable consequences of the regulation

Congress’ desire to force these individuals to purchase insurance is motivated by the fact that they are further removed from the market than unhealthy individuals with pre-existing conditions, because they are less likely to need extensive care in the near future. 

If Congress can reach out and command even those furthest removed from an interstate market to participate in the market, then the Commerce Clause becomes a font of unlimited power, or in Hamilton’s words, "the hideous monster whose devouring jaws . . . spare neither sex nor age, nor high nor low, nor sacred nor profane." The Federalist No. 33, p. 202 (C. Rossiter ed. 1961).

Congress taps the tree of Life--our life's blood drains to feed the growing monster of big government.
(illustration from the Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, Melkor and Ongoliant destroying the trees of the Valar)

17 July 2012

Birthers continue to rack up points against Obama re: Birth Certificate and Social Security authenticity exclusive story, via 

 Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo said the new information confirms the document presented to the American public in April 2011 is undoubtedly fraudulent. 

 Under Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8, a person only has to be an established resident of Hawaii, not necessarily a U.S. citizen, and pay taxes there for one year to be able to register an out-of-state or foreign-born person with an official Hawaii birth certificate. 

 “If a nation’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, then America may be in serious trouble,” Arpaio said in a statement. “Hawaii may be our weakest link and could have a serious impact on our nation’s immigration policy.” 

 Among the new findings presented by lead Cold Case Posse investigator Mike Zullo: 

 The sheriff’s investigators have learned of a birth certificate coding system that indicates the White House document has been altered. 

-An interview with the Hawaii official who allegedly signed the Obama document in 1961, Verna K.L. Lee, provided further confirmation of the coding anomalies. 

-Investigators were troubled to find key information missing on the verification document Hawaii provided to Arizona’s secretary of state in May. 

-Hawaii’s deputy attorney general, Jill T. Nagamine, confirmed the state has a birth document on file for Obama. But she would not confirm on the record that the White House document matched what was on file with the Hawaii Department of Health. 

-The sheriff’s investigators interviewed three persons of interest who have provided additional information in the case.


Regarding the Social Security card, Obama's opponent in Ohio for the Democratic nomination for President is a woman with expertise in researching Social Security fraud:

Daniels started her investigation in August 2009. Given her profession, she has been able to access a variety of proprietary databases. 

What she learned without much trouble is that Obama has been using a Social Security Number with the prefix “042″ since 1986. As she discovered, the “042″ number is reserved for the exclusive use of individuals who register in Connecticut. When she ran 10 sequential numbers before and after Obama’s, all returned with the documentation “issued 1977-1979 in CT.” 

 When Daniels ran the numbers immediately flanking Obama’s, she came to the firm conviction that Obama’s number was issued in March 1977 in Connecticut. 

 By all accounts, as Daniels thoroughly documents, Obama was then a 15-year-old living in Hawaii. There is no record of him even visiting Connecticut in or near this time frame. To have gotten a Social Security card at this time Obama would have had to show up for a “mandatory in-person interview.” 

This could not have taken place in Connecticut. Obama’s sister, Maya, by contrast, uses a number appropriate for a Hawaiian resident.

Before anyone comments about the 2011 debunking the Social security card fraud allegation, save it. This duck keeps walking and quacking like a duck...HM

02 July 2012

28 June 2012

Federal tyranny, again

ACA/Obamacare upheld by Supremes. Government can make you buy something (expensive), even if you don't want to. More wealth confiscation and "legal" coercion of the citizenry. Dead body of the Constitution kicked again; one more Intolerable Act. 'nuff said.

20 May 2012

The Bonnie Blue Blog

The Bonnie Blue Blog is on hiatus/significantly decreased in publishing frequency for personal reasons.  I hope to publish articles from time to time. 

My focus needs to be at home.

My best to anyone who reads my posts regularly.

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16 May 2012

The dominoes begin to fall--EU Central Bank cuts off Greek banks

From Reuters:

The European Central Bank has stopped providing liquidity to some Greek banks as they have not been successfully recapitalized, the ECB said on Wednesday, confirming news earlier reported exclusively by Reuters.

The news sent the euro lower against the dollar, fanning concerns among investors and in Greece that the country may have to leave the euro zone.

 The development highlights the weak state of the banking sector in Greece, where Greeks are pulling euros out of the banks in fear that their country may exit the European single currency despite the declared determination of EU powers Germany and France to keep Athens in the monetary union.

From Brandon Smith at Alt-Market:

 If you thought the Greek rollercoaster was a pain in the neck for investment markets, just wait until the whole of the EU is in a shambles!

Spain is next in line, with a 25% official unemployment rate and a massive black market economy forming. As I have been saying for years now, when governments disrupt the financial survival of the people, they WILL form their own alternatives, including black markets and barter markets. It is about survival. The Spanish government does not care much for these alternatives, though, and has now banned cash transactions over 2500 euros in a futile attempt to squeeze taxes out of the populace through digitally tracked payment methods: 

[expect this coming soon to your neighborhood-HM]

 ...Financial disasters have always been a convenient catalyst for a host of even more frightening obstacles, including civil unrest, and blatant totalitarianism. This is the cusp. It is one of those moments that people of later generations read about in awe, and sometimes horror. The “doom” is not in the event, but in the response. What we make of the days approaching determines the darkness that they cast upon the future. It is a test. It is not something to be dreaded. It is something to be seized upon, and dealt with, as great men and women before us have done.

15 May 2012

Siri--Ultimate Combat Assistant :-)

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends...

Read the rest here at, via

The Four Key Drivers of State Expansion

The twin peaks of oil and government are causally linked: central government's great era of expansion has been fueled by abundant, cheap liquid fuels. As economies powered by abundant cheap energy expanded, so did tax revenues.

Demographics also aided Central States’ expansion: as the population of working-age citizens grew, so did the work force and the taxes paid by workers and enterprises.

The third support of Central State expansion was debt, and more broadly, financialization, which includes debt, leverage, and institutionalized incentives for speculation and misallocation of capital. Not only have Central States benefited from the higher tax revenues generated by speculative bubbles, they now depend on debt to finance their annual spending. In the U.S., roughly one-third of Federal expenditures are borrowed every year. In Japan -- which is further along on this timeline, relative to America -- tax revenues barely cover social security payments and interest on central government debt; all other spending is funded with borrowed money.

The fourth dynamic of Central State expansion is the State’s ontological imperative to expand. The State has only one mode of being, expansion. It has no concept of, or mechanisms for, contraction.

In my book Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A Model for Positive Change, I explain this ontological imperative in terms of risk and gain. From the Central State’s point of view, everything outside its control poses a risk. The best way to lower risk is to control everything that can be controlled. Once the potential sources of risk are controlled, then risk can be shifted to others.

Systemic risk has been transferred to you

Put another way, once the State controls the entire economy and society, it can transfer systemic risk to others: to other nations, to taxpayers, etc.

In effect, the State’s prime directive is to cut the causal connection between risk and gain so that the State can retain the gain and transfer the risk to others. The separation of risk from gain is called moral hazard, and the key characteristic of moral hazard can be stated very simply: People who are exposed to risk and consequence act very differently than those who are not exposed to risk and consequence.

Quote of the Day, 5/15

You people [the Republican establishment] are complaining, as usual, about anyone who challenges your entrenched and corrupt power, but now especially the Paulians, who are idealistic and dedicated to freedom. Do you want good relations with these wonderful people, who have donated millions of dollars and millions of hours to the greatest cause? Treat them with respect. Follow your own rules. Eschew shenanigans. Stop lying, cheating, and stealing. Then, maybe, you will be worthy to be in the same room with members of the Ron Paul grassroots.
--Lew Rockwell

Probably time to switch to another blog service

Read the rest.

This past Sunday morning, I took to my blog, The New York Conservative, to opine on the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (“KSM”) and his fellow terrorists. The full text of the post is available further below.
The New York Conservative was a blog hosted by Google Blogger. I started the blog in February of this year and had posted 17 columns prior to the KSM entry, commenting on political matters and issues affecting the Catholic Church. I would post my entries on Facebook and occasionally would email a link to friends or other interested parties. I received no complaints about the blog whatsoever.

On Monday, the pro-U.S. security group Secure American Now posted a link to my KSM piece on its website. The link received numerous hits and generated multiple comments on the Secure America Now page.

However, a few hours after Secure America Now linked to the New York Conservative, I received a form email, no reply possible, from Google Blogger informing me that the New York Conservative had been deleted. The email classified my blog as “spam” in violation of Google’s terms of service. There was no further explanation. My URL was dead; all of the content, everything I ever posted, was gone.
I made two telephone calls to Google to protest and demand a reason for the deletion of my blog. The Google representatives told me that Google does not provide “live support” for Google Blogger, meaning you cannot speak with anyone at all about the deletion. The representatives directed me to the Google Blogger website, where the company extols its commitment to free speech and its great reluctance to censor its bloggers.

Obviously, I do not know why Google deleted my blog, but it's awfully odd that The New York Conservative was summarily executed after a post in which I called for the summary execution of KSM. Could it be that Google found the post politically incorrect and therefore offensive? Could it be that Google thought the post was dangerous because it had potential to incite Islamists?
Given the company’s self-proclaimed devotion to free speech, I think Google ought to explain why it deleted the blog. If calling for the legal execution of the confessed mastermind of the murders of 3,000 people on American soil is too controversial a topic for Google Blogger, perhaps the famously progressive company should re-think its proclamation of support for the free exchange of ideas on its platforms.

I for one have no desire to find out that my 900 plus posts for the past two years have gone into ether because of some PC whim of a google admin. Screw that.

Will let you know what happens.

10 May 2012

Breaking news: Members of the military: you dont fight for freedom, the Constitution, or your country!!


But Mr. Obama actually did bare his soul unintentionally today (perhaps the Biden disease is catching) with his astonishing characterization of American fighting men and women, whom he referred to as “those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf.” Really?  

Most Americans thought they were fighting for the country, not on Barack Obama’s behalf.  Slip of the tongue, to be sure, but can one think of another president who’d have made it?  They are fighting under his command, under his orders, to be sure, but this particular locution is offensive and solipsistic.  Mr. Obama has switched his position on the sanctity of marriage back and forth and has a new one, again, today, revealed when politics made that advisable to him and to his campaign.  Whether this is the end or he will “evolve” some more is anyone’s guess.

But let’s leave our soldiers out of this. They aren’t fighting for Mr. Obama and his campaign, and no one sent them out to risk their lives to win same sex “marriage.”

Dear Father, whom we love!!

Dear Father, for whom we fight!!

link to Weekly Standard article.

Да здравствует товарищ Обама!!
                           --Long live Comrade Obama!!

Да здравствует великий американский родины, для которых борьба и жертвы!!
                             --Long live the great American Homeland for which you fight and sacrifice!!

Obama's Presidential inaugural oath:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States

"Best of my ability..."-- Not so great, huh...Well, it is a living constitution, after all...

IMHO, that oath of allegience needs to be changed in the future to take out the wiggle room implied in "best of my ablility".

Another softening up op in Miami

Softening up the US populace for a police state, that is.

Sheeple: get used to it...

verbatim from Miami Herald, FL newspaper, via Drudge

No, there was no smell of napalm in the morning.

But there was the thunderous whump whump of low-flying helicopters, and even the jarring blast of explosions at the abandoned Grand Bay Hotel in Coconut Grove early Tuesday during a military training exercise that jolted many unsuspecting residents from their beds.

“It was quite a shocking experience,” said Jane Muir, who was awakened around 1:45 a.m. by the sound of military choppers that later dropped rappelling soldiers onto the Grand Bay’s rooftop. “It was kind of that bizarre feeling that you were surrounded by wind.”

From her third-floor balcony, Muir then watched the soldiers fire off flares and smoke bombs before searching floor by floor through the darkened hotel, their paths marked by flashlights and the pop-pop-pop of gunshots. “The show of force was so overwhelming,” she said.

The maneuvers were part of a “realistic urban training” exercise for about 100 military personnel, and organized by the U.S. Special Operations Command, said Maj. Michael Burns, a U.S. Army spokesman. The exercise also included three military helicopters, and the use of simulated explosions and gunfire to mimic real-life military scenarios.

“They have to train in a realistic environment,” Burns said. “We didn’t use any real bullets,” he added reassuringly.

Miami police assisted in overseeing the exercises — but they were instructed to keep quiet about the exercises until late Monday, for security reasons. The police also blocked off roads around the Grand Bay during the exercise, Muir said.

It was the federal government’s call on what was being done. We [Note: local government advised, not local citizens] were courteously advised,” said Miami commissioner Marc Sarnoff, whose district includes Coconut Grove.

Miami Police Maj. Delrish Moss said that a news release about the training was sent out around 5 p.m. Monday, but it went largely unnoticed.

The explosions, however, did not. A handful of alarmed Grove residents called the police and City Hall to ask about the armed choppers flying over their homes.

Muir, for one, would not have minded a heads up beforehand.

“I thought it was kind of rude, to tell you the truth,” she said. “One neighbor was swearing, he was so annoyed.”

But despite the neighborhood anxiety, the exercise went off safely and quickly, Burns said.

“It seems very high drama, but to us it’s kind of simple,” he said.

Miami Herald staff writer Charles Rabin contributed to this report.

Tell me: if the cops keep it quiet from the people they are charged to protect, and the citizens don't know what is happening, who will hold any armed citizens liable for resisting with force?

A military special op in the middle of the night in a US civilian area?

What freedom are our troops fighting for abroad, exactly?  What freedom do we still have at home?

Sleeping giant, wake up already!

02 May 2012

Ron Paul’s Stealth State Convention Takeover


Yike's even WaPo is figuring out what is going on:

Remember Ron Paul?

He has yet to win a primary. All his other fellow long-shots have dropped out (or will by the end of the day). The Republican National Committee is calling former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney the “presumptive nominee.”
Yet at state conventions around the country, Paul supporters are increasing the candidate’s support by taking over state party committees and educating fellow Paul fans in arcane rules.

While at many conventions Romney backers are split between numerous would-be delegates, Paul supporters are showing up in droves and voting with discipline for a delegate slate.

With a plurality of delegates from five states, Paul supporters could nominate him from the convention floor — the goal of at least some Paul supporters. 

A brokered convention is still unlikely. But a strong showing..Paul has only 80 delegates to Romney’s 847, according to an AP count. When all the various state conventions are over we’ll see how much support he’s gathered — and whether Romney should have paid more attention. 

Here's WaPo's latest on Ron Paul delegate count:

 At Massachusetts’ state convention less than half of Romney’s 27 chosen delegates won tickets to Tampa. Paul supporters were chosen instead. While all of the state’s delegates are committed to vote for Romney, the delegates get to decide on the party chairman, platform, and VP nominee.

Paul backers in Alaska were elected as party chairman and co-chairman but failed to change the rules to give Paul the state’s 24 delegates. (He will get six.)

Paul supporters are a majority in the Iowa GOP’s State Central Committee, and he’s set to claim a majority of the state’s delegates despite finishing third in the caucuses.

They dominated the caucuses in Louisiana, carrying four out of six congressional districts with a tie in a fifth. That means 74 percent of the state’s convention delegates will be Paul backers.

In Minnesota, Paul won 20 of 24 delegates allocated at congressional district conventions, and he’s expected to take more at the statewide convention.

Paul supporters teamed up with backers of former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum in Colorado to get 13 delegates.

The candidate has also picked up small delegate gains in states where Romney won big — for example, five delegates in Pennsylvania and four in Rhode Island. 

Attempts to replicate these successes are taking place in other states across the country — for example, the upcoming state convention in Nevada.


By any and all honourable means, baby.

Rand Paul leads fight against TSA

30 April 2012

Three out of four boxes gone...

via GreenMountainsHomesteading
and Resistor in the Rockies

Plan to use drones in DC

WASHINGTON - Look up. Drones are "certainly" coming to the skies over the Beltway in the next few years, one area police chief says. 

 The use of drones in the D.C. area became public information last week, after the Federal Aviation Administration released a list of agencies currently or previously permitted to use the unmanned aerial vehicles. It included many federal departments, such as Agriculture, Homeland Security and Energy as well as local organizations such as Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Tech. 

 "Drones will certainly have a purpose and a reason to be in this region in the next, coming years," said Fairfax County Police Chief David Rohrer, while speaking on WTOP's "Ask the Chief" program on Monday. "Just as a standpoint as an alternative for spotting traffic and sending information back to our VDOT Smart Traffic centers, and being able to observe backups." 

 The use of drones over U.S. soil has some in Congress concerned about Americans' privacy rights. 

 "The potential for invasive surveillance of daily activities with drone technology is high," wrote Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., in an April 19 letter to FAA. "We must ensure that as drones take flight in domestic airspace, they don't take off without privacy protections for those along their flight path." 

 Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, said in the same letter he "proudly suppported" the FAA Modernization and Reform Act that allowed for the domestic use of drones. There are many institutions in his home state that the FAA has cleared for done use, including Texas A&M University, and the police forces in the city of Arlington outside Dallas-Fort Worth and in Montgomery County near Houston. "However, if used improperly or unethically, drones could endanger privacy and I want to make sure that risk is taken into consideration," he said. 

LINK to article.

Feel safe yet?.

Yankeeism strikes again in NYC

The Most Serious Indication of the Decline in the Standard of Living in NYC in NYC
The City of New York is considering banning happy hour.

NyPo has the details:
Happy hour in the city could end if Department of Health policy party-poopers go ahead with a proposal to outlaw beer and booze specials at bars and restaurants, sources told The Post.

“It’s absolutely been discussed,” confirmed a department source. “It goes to show you the spirit with which they operate. Everyone is a child...

Sources said the happy-hour ban is being pushed by the agency’s marathon-running boss, Commissioner Thomas Farley, and is serious enough for one source to say the alcohol lobby had better find itself a good lawyer.
The happy-haters have no limits.

Interventionists never stop. Once they gain a little power, they dream only of more power.

Appropriate preparedness vs. false flag op?

Frustrating: I don't trust anything the MSM and .gov say anymore...This is a huge expenditure for a theoretical possibility, and the Red Cross, I thought, is independent of FEMA/DHS. Anyone know anything I don't know?

Milwaukee Red Cross Prepared for Evacuees if NATO Summit Disaster Happens 

Should we expect some kind of false flag operation/agent provocateur activity in Chicago during the NATO Summit that will result in a further crackdown on our liberties? 

 The Milwaukee Red Cross is preparing in case people from Chicago need to evacuate the city during the NATO Summit, reports Milwaukee news radio.

 Spokeswoman Barbara Behling told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Jay Sorgi that if an incident happens during the NATO summit that leads to an evacuation of at least part of the city of Chicago, Milwaukee's Red Cross will be ready with beds, food and doctors ready for evacuees. 

 Evacuation of part of the city? What the hell are these crazy bastards plotting?


29 April 2012

The Liberty Summit

I just came back from the weekend. 

The meeting was epiphanic for me in many ways. 

I wasn't personally acquainted with a single participant, and I had no idea what to expect. I had decided that I could not sit at a desk anymore, I needed to do something, if only learn from others. I mentally prepared myself for lots of scenarios. 

I am grateful that I had a very positive experience. That of course is a positive reflection on the other participants. 

First, I just want to throw out a few labels to describe the men I met at the Summit (y'all don't let your heads swell too much, but this is sincere): 

 Brave. Forthright. Highly intelligent. Highly motivated. Community and family oriented. Guided by the Golden rule. Anxious to obey the law. 

 To a man, (forgive the non PC term, there were several women at the summit) the one term I could apply to each person that I met was-- competent. These were men meant to live lives of liberty. They know how to take care of themselves. Men in the classic sense. Men of a quality of character you do not meet every day.    

We had much in common, even though we were from different corners of the country, and had different backgrounds and economic situations. 

For instance, each participant, or so I believe, had a "wake up" moment in their lives that jarred them out of their daily complacency (and faith in government and/or law enforcement). 

For some it was early encroachment on the prime question of Natural Rights: "Do we own our bodies?", such as a law to require seat belt use. ("I think its a good idea to wear one, but you in government have no damn right to tell me I HAVE to do anything with my own body...") 

 For others, it was an encroachment one or another of the enumerated Rights of the Bill of Rights, such as the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban: ("I came back from a combat deployment to find out Congress had passed it..."). Others were jarred awake by Katrina--orders to confiscate legally owned weapons of citizens who needed them for self defense. 

 You can list many others that might jar a liberty minded person awake: Ruby Ridge, Waco, false flag operations, TARP, TSA 4th amendment violations, NDAA, HR 347, CISPA, The Executive order for National Defense Resource Preparedness, etc etc.

 I myself had many wake up calls. The crash of 2008 was the major one. It has been a four year journey of continuing education to see more of the scope of the crimes being committed by the powers that be against the productive class of this country. 

Lately these "wake up calls" are coming with increasing frequency. Liberty in the United States is undergoing a horrific bombardment.

I want to address my fellow attendees: 

It was an honor to meet each and everyone of you. I learned a lot, and I got exactly what I wanted for myself by attending...perspective on what my own role will be going on from here. 

 I have a certain skill set. I am a Constitutional conservative. I love to teach people that have an open mind and want to learn--I will work to drive people into our ranks. 

 To wit:

 But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? 

The Revolution was effected before the war commenced.

The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. ... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution. 

--John Adams, letter to Hezekiah Niles, 1818. 

 I've got my mission. I will do what I can to support and drive the body politic toward our beliefs. I have your backs. 

 God speed you all.

25 April 2012

(Updated) Sgt Gary Stein dismissed from USMC for Facebook posts, loses all benefits

Marines discharge sergeant for Facebook posts 

The Associated Press 
Published: Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2012 - 11:17 am 


The Marine Corps has decided to discharge a sergeant for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook.

 The Corps says Wednesday that Sgt. Gary Stein will be given an other-than-honorable discharge for violating Pentagon policy limiting speech of service members. The San Diego-area Marine has served nearly 10 years in the Marine Corps. He has said he was exercising his free-speech rights. 

 The discharge will mean he loses all benefits.

 Read more here

Raw deal, not unexpected. Stein served the American people and the Constitution faithfully for 10 years, did nothing morally or constitutionally wrong, and is now stripped all benefits, with "less than honorable discharge..."

 SAN DIEGO – The Marine Corps said Wednesday it has decided to discharge a sergeant for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook. The Corps said Sgt. Gary Stein will be given an other-than-honorable discharge for violating Pentagon policy limiting speech of service members. 

The San Diego-area Marine has served nearly 10 years in the Marine Corps. He has said he was exercising his free-speech rights. The discharge will mean he loses all benefits. 

A federal judge previously denied a request to block military discharge proceedings against Stein, who called Obama an enemy on Facebook. U.S. District Judge Marilyn Huff ruled then that the military has the right to respond to Stein's online comments in a case that has called into question the Pentagon's policies regarding social media and the limits regarding the speech of active duty military personnel. 

Attorney J. Mark Brewer told Huff the entire process violates the First Amendment, which federal courts have the right to uphold[sic] and WTF-HM

Huff disagreed, calling Stein's postings "truly troubling."

 Service members have had their speech limited since the Civil War, especially if their comments are believed to disrupt good order and discipline. 

The judge pointed out Stein's March 1 comments on a Facebook page used by Marine Corps meteorologists in which the sergeant stated, "Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him." 

  Read more: Link

Sgt Stein is ENTIRELY justified in making a statement that he will not "follow ALL orders from him".

He has a legal and moral obligation to himself, and his brothers in arms, to DISOBEY unconstitutional orders.

22 April 2012

Liberty Summit, Mercer, PA, April 27-29

Verbatim post from 

 Every Branch And Vine 

 If one were standing on the brink of societal collapse and they knew it deep down, but society moved along, normalizing the absurd and treasonous, desperately trying to deny the obvious, what would you do? What have you done? It is at that point right now, is it not? 

 It is time for action, pure and simple. This is a nation gone insane, rationalizing everything designed to protect the people as a reason to protect the government from the people. 

 We, as citizens of America, have been given a valuable resource in the Constitution, but more importantly the letters and thoughts of those who fought the war for independence and those who inspired and led it. Nothing in their writing suggests that the government should be given ultimate authority over the people and that the people should submit for their own safety. This is an alien thought to those brave founders, it was in violent protest to this prospect which began the conflict. 

 The TSA, instituted by George Bush, is the exact sort of reasonable oppression that the gullible public typically embrace, which, a few years later, runs amok. The threat is always dire predictions of catastrophe that would befall the people were they to resist the tyranny. In the days of the American Revolution the British offered protection from Indian attack, from the hardships of the frontier and yet our forefathers shrugged off their compassionate threats and said: "We can do for ourselves." 

 Ours is a complex society. The government has stepped in to provide many things: maintained highways and roads; social security; protection from terrorism; protection from each other; all in the name of liberty, the freedom to travel, to conduct business for ourselves, but that is no longer an easy burden to carry and the yoke must be shrugged off and the chances taken. 

 The Liberty Summit is next weekend in Mercer, PA. It is a gathering of those who have acknowledged this fact, or it would seem. It is not so important that we see hundreds of people for the sake of numbers, it is important to know who will take the time to participate when the chips are down and the roll has been called. It is important to find the twenty or so people with whom one might begin their resistance to this onslaught of government oversight and control. 

 But, even if one does not participate in a gathering, their dedication to the idea, the principles that this government cannot go on ruling itself constitutional when it is not, is vital. 

 Tyranny does not begin with midnight trains and internment camps, it begins with a little safety rule, that while a good idea, buried deep within it is the concept that the government will help us keep ourselves safe. It begins with something as seemingly innocuous as a seat belt law, but in that seed is the growth of a giant tree extending every branch and vine into our lives, because we have accepted the idea that the government should enforce our own good thoughts on others. It comes when we think we can only be safe by making other people be safe. 

 It is a dangerous world out there. There are a lot of things that could hurt us and each one, each concern becomes a weapon of the tyrannical force that is our government. The fear of improperly prepared food, of sharp toys, are all that it takes to transform a nation of freedom into a prison. Every TSA agent who sifts through your things like a Nazi guard at a concentration camp, has that license to do so by your assent, by your concern for others and if you thought you were going to avoid them by taking a train, or driving a car, you are wrong. They will chip our cars and search the trains for our papers. They have the bug, they see the power and no government is able to resist that drug. 

 It is time to act against it, to take some chances, to let dangers exist before we find ourselves the safest of all people, those restrained from themselves, locked away in a padded room and fed sterile food and filtered water.
The premise of American Insurgents, American Patriots, by T.H. Breen,  is to demonstrate with historical evidence that the people (ideologically and in body) led the representatives of the Continental Congress to the secession from and fight against the Monarchy and Parliament. The book focuses on 1774 and 1775.

From the Introduction of American Insurgents, American Patriots: 

 Two years before the Declaration of Independence, a young, evangelical colonial population accomplished something truly extraordinary. In small communities from New Hampshire to Georgia, it successfully challenged the authority of Great Britain, then the strongest empire in the world. 

The vast majority of Americans have never heard the people's story. Instead, we have concentrated attention on the lives of a small group of celebrated leaders. 

Without the people, however, there would have been no Revolution, no independent nation. 

Confident of their God-given rights, driven by anger against an imperial government that treated them like second-class subjects, American insurgents resisted parliamentary rule, first spontaneously, as loosely organized militants who purged the countryside of Crown officials, and then, increasingly after late 1774, as members of local committees of safety that became schools for revolution. (emphasis added-HM)

It is with this hope, and in this spirit, that I will attend the Liberty Summit next week.

20 April 2012

My Propertea

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Ron Paul at Cornell University, 4/19/2012

Seeds planted. Will bear fruit in the future. Hope springs eternal...4400 attended at my alma mater.

Virginia passes nullification of NDAA, becomes law

Today, the Virginia legislature once again approved House Bill 1160 (HB1160), what many refer to as the NDAA Nullification Act. The support was overwhelming, again. In the House today the vote was 89-7 and the Senate concurred a few hours later, 36-1.

The bill “Prevents any agency, political subdivision, employee, or member of the military of Virginia from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the conduct of the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a United States citizen in violation of the United States Constitution, Constitution of Virginia, or any Virginia law or regulation.”

According to an inside report, bill sponsor Delegate Bob Marshall spoke twice in support of the bill on the House floor today. Delegate Barbara Comstock (a long-time Patriot Act supporter) invoked Michael Chertoff and others as high government officials opposing HB 1160. Basically, she said state legislators have no business questioning the federal government.

Marshall responded with citations to a CRS report demonstrating the vagueness of the law, and its effort to circumvent the Treason Clause. He also noted that state legislators are to be watchdogs against the Federal Government.

In the Senate today, Senator Dick Black (R-Loudoun) and Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax) spoke in favor before the final vote.


HB1160 originally passed the Virginia house in February by a vote of 96-4. It went to the Senate where opponents tried to hold it over until next year, effectively killing it. The vote was a tie- and failed. In two short days, thousands of grassroots activists contacted their Senators to support the bill and the next vote, taken quickly, was a different story – 39-1.

With minor amendments, the bill needed to go back to the House for approval. A number of parliamentary maneuvers were used to stall and kill the bill. Various votes to delay (“pass by”) actual approval were held. Eventually, the House rejected the Senate amendments and the bill was sent back to the Senate for another consideration.

Again, the grassroots got on board – and activists from groups across the political spectrum called and emailed their Senators to move the bill forward. The Senate, after a few days of jousting, “receded” from their original amendment by a vote of 37-1 in March, effectively passing the original House bill from the previous month.

HB1160 then went off to the Governor’s desk. Inside sources had been telling us at the Tenth Amendment Center that Governor Bob McDonnell did not want to sign this bill. Vetoing would certainly keep him in a good place with the establishment who supports NDAA detentions, but would also be a slap in the face of a huge portion of his own state’s population, considering the massive outpouring of support from the people there.

McDonnell had until mid April to sign or veto the bill. On the very last day, after some strong behind-the-scenes work by supporters and sponsors, the Governor announced that he recommended some minor amendments – and he would support that version of HB1160.

The bill’s sponsor, Bob Marshall, released the following statement:

Over the past few weeks, Governor McDonnell has heard from a number of Virginians regarding House Bill 1160, sponsored by Delegate Bob Marshall. During the consideration of this legislation and since its passage, he has expressed both the shared concern that Virginia does not participate in the unconstitutional detention of U.S. citizens and the desire that this legislation does not impact legitimate law enforcement activities.

Preserving public safety is the foremost priority of any government. Every day, state and local law enforcement personnel work together and work with the federal government to keep Virginians safe by fighting crime, responding to emergencies, and combating terrorism. The governor believes we must encourage and promote these collaborative efforts while ensuring that core constitutional principles enjoyed by all U.S. citizens are respected. He believes these standards are expected by all Virginians and want to take appropriate steps to reaffirm that position. In the governor’s view, this legislation now accomplishes that goal.

Since the legislation’s passage, staff has worked with the patron to come up with amendments that will achieve the goal of not supporting unconstitutional detentions while preserving the ability of law enforcement and our state defense forces to carry out their responsibilities. The amendments Governor McDonnell sent down achieve those goals, and Delegate Marshall has expressed his support for them. The governor hopes the General Assembly will support them, as well.

The bill is now expected to be promptly signed by Governor McDonnell.

May the other states now follow the lead taken today by Virginia.

UPDATE – according to sponsor Bob Marshall, because the legislature passed the bill as recommended by the Governor, a signature is not required. HB1160 becomes law on July 1st.


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Sgt Gary Stein vs. the slave mentality

In the initial stages of nearly every recorded tyranny, the saucer eyed dumbstruck masses exhibit astonishing and masterful skill when denying reality. 

 The facts behind their dire circumstances and of their antagonistic government become a source of cynical psychological gameplay rather than a source of legitimate concern. Their desperate need to maintain their normalcy bias creates a memory and observation vacuum in which all that runs counter to their false assumptions and preconceptions disappears forever. It is as if they truly cannot see the color of the sky, or the boot on their face. The concrete world of truth becomes a dream, an illusion that can be heeded or completely ignored depending on one’s mood. For them, life is a constant struggle of dissociation, where the tangible is NOT welcome…

This is the problem that we in the Liberty Movement deal with most often in our writings and films. Our confrontation with willful ignorance has been epic, even by far reaching historical standards. The gains in social awareness have been substantial, and yet the obstacles are incredible. Unprecedented. As an activist trend, we have an almost obsessive drive to draw back the curtain so that the public has at least the opportunity to see what is on the other side. Unfortunately, there is another danger that must be taken into account…

It is one thing to bear witness to the rejection of truth in our time and the oblivious attitudes of many towards the growth of totalitarianism. Eventually, though, a second phase in the development of oligarchy arises. I am speaking of the point at which tyranny becomes so blatant that the skeptics have to acknowledge its existence, but after doing so, they choose to rationalize it as necessary. Yes, there are many in this world that will laugh at the prospect of the Orwellian nightmare only to happily embrace it when it arrives in full color.

I was recently looking into the divisive issue of U.S. Marine Sgt. Gary Stein, whose position has come under threat due to his criticisms of Barack Obama and his founding of the ‘Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook Page’. What I discovered was a large number of Americans in support of Stein’s right to speak as a citizen (even under Marine regulations) against the unconstitutional actions of any president or presidential candidate. I also discovered a considerable number who wanted to see the soldier dishonorably discharged, or even set upon a noose as punishment.

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