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26 January 2011

State of the Union Address filled with empty promises

"The American people certainly don't need any more empty promises.  Millions of American families have been pushed to the edge of desperation by this economy.
There has been a lot of talk that the economy is "turning around", but in many areas of the country the employment situation continues to get even worse.  Payrolls decreased in 35 U.S. states during the month of December.
The truth is that the number of "good jobs" produced by the U.S. economy continues to shrink.  In fact, only 47 percent of working-age Americans have a full-time job at this point.
The American people are not going to buy this "economic recovery" as long as unemployment remains at epidemic levels in so many areas.  Just consider some of the stunningly high unemployment rates in some of our most important states....
Nevada - 14.5%
California - 12.5%
Florida - 12.0%
So did Barack Obama propose anything substantial that will actually create real jobs?
Instead, all he had to offer was just a bunch of empty promises."

Read the rest at zero hedge here.

Here is the change promised...

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  1. Just like to point out that those unemployment statistics are woefully off-base. The government defines unemployment as those actually drawing unemployment insurance, so - even with the absurd extensions of benefits we have seen - there are far more unemployed (and under-employed, part-time) people than these numbers reflect. I've seen 25-30% quoted as a more accurate amount.