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28 January 2011

State's Rights revival owes debt of gratitude to Tom Woods

Harvard honours grad,  PhD. from Columbia University, author of many books, expert in constitutional history and economic history, Tom Woods has been vilified and smeared by the progressives and MSM as a "pseudohistorian" and "neo confederate", simply because he has spoken at a southern heritage meeting.

He is now gaining more and more positive attention for his books "Nullification" and "Meltdown".  

Campaign for Liberty has passed out Nullification to the entire state legislature of Idaho late in 2010; Idaho republicans are currently pushing a bill to nullify Obamacare.

Update:  Idaho attorney general Lawrence Wasden (R) has called the attempt to nullify Obamacare "unconstitutional", after the Idaho democrats asked him to render an opinion on the matter.

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