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27 January 2011

Journalists ignoring Codrea and Vanderbeogh on Project Gunwalker ATF scandal

Despite having insider information about the dog and pony show in Phoenix recently, the mainstream media reporters are staying away from this story.

Are two bloggers making suspect claims, or are they in the know? 

[Addressing journalists interested in the Project Gunwalker story:]

"Here’s a way you can corroborate for yourself an important piece of information—one that goes to the heart of if we really are in contact with insiders and if they really are clueing us in on information that bears out when tested.  Read this:
[A] potential BATFE operation early next week is being discussed on Sipsey Street Irregulars.  I have been in private consultation over this and have expressed several concerns over making such a discussion public at this time.  I see that the cautions I have privately expressed—including concerns about disinformation, intentional releases to identify leaks, and the moral and legal implications of discussing an actual planned operation—have been incorporated into the latest post, which lists the pros and cons of a public discussion vs. keeping quiet.

Ask yourself: How could we have known?"

Codrea's latest.

What the hell is wrong with journalists today?  Don't they want a scoop anymore, or are they simply content to shill for the .gov?

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