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23 January 2011

Latest information on Project Gunwalker ATF scandal

One of the concerns my colleagues and I have been mindful of in the unfolding “Project Gunwalker” story is the concern that attempts will be made to discredit ATF insider sources speaking to Senate staffers. I received an email yesterday from an attorney with notable Second Amendment credentials who offered some advice, including being able to produce hard, targeted data to compel both politicians and the media to do their jobs. He also made this key observation:
Agencies are experienced in dealing with agents and others who criticize them, and legislators know that. A few leaks to the Washington Post about how this guy was unreliable, from sources who declined to be named, make sure there are derogatory memos about him in his file that can be leaked, that sort of thing.
Ad hominem ploys are to be expected.

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1 comment:

  1. It has come too far to discredit the ATF agents for the simple reason that gun store owners themselves have spoken out saying that the ATF encouraged them to make sales to latinos who were making what were clearly shady gun purchases.
    The gun store owners have cooborated the ATF agents stories right down the line.

    Is Obama so much of an egomaniac that he literally believes we'll buy an absurd story that the ATF agents put their necks on the line and the gun store owners who are coming forth with supportive evidence are all gathered in some grand conspiracy together?

    Obama and Holder would have to be far bigger idiots than I believe they are to think that the American people are going to buy some lame scenario where ATF agents and gun store owners are complicit together in some scheme against the BATFE.

    The final damning evidence comes right from DC itself in that we have seen a complete failure on the part of the White House to make any SERIOUS attempt to secure our southern borders.
    We've driven armies out of nations and we can secure a strip of our own border against a handful of rogue drug dealers?

    We have the ability to level the planet. We certainly have enough military might to spank a few dope heads back into their own back yard.