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18 December 2010

Violent revolution soon?


A columnist at Breitbart's site Big Peace, while showing Neocon colors, has seen beyond the veil cast by the mainstream media to the mood of the American people (at least the Constitutional conservative element of the people).

The American people cherish the Freedom to live their own lives without interference by the government.  That treasured and Constitutionally protected Natural Right has driven immigrants to risk life and limb to cross the oceans from every nation on the planet just to live here.  The fight for personal liberty fired the American soul in the Revolution, the Texans in their secession from Mexico, and the Confederate States in their secession from the United States.  It drove those people who braved the frontiers of America throughout our history.

This libertarian impulse in Americans led to the popularity of Goldwater, the election of Reagan, the victory of the Republicans in the 1994 election (Contract with America election).  It drives the Tea Party now.

Almost every American has a libertarian living inside them, whether they are a social justice driven liberal or a neoconservative Bush doctrine supporter.  They may or not be conscious of it.  I think they are more conscious of it when the "other side" is in power, and their status quo is threatened. Right or Left, they do not want to be told what to think, what to buy, where to live, and they dont appreciate being ignored by their representatives in Congress.

Anyone reading these words is probably aware that Congress' latest approval rating is 13%.  Most of us grew up believing that the police and the government had our best interests at heart.  We know now that either by willful deceit or gross incompetence of our leaders, our birthright and that of our children is betrayed.  Our economy is destroyed and wont get better.  More and more wealth is confiscated through monetary policy and outright taxation.

Talk about taxation without representation:  Try false representatives enslaving the populace with debt that can never be repaid.

The American people are really really pissed off.

I talk to people at work every day, "testing the waters" of antigovernment feelings amongst my colleagues.  I was surprised at how angry they are.  It gives me hope that they are thinking about this crisis, and are thinking as I do.

At my job, we are all of a middling sort.  We are middle class, decently educated, and know that our federal government crossed a red line within the past several years.

I have thought about it a lot, but I still am not sure what will get Americans into the streets for either a sustained protest in front of Congress, like the planned Guardians of Liberty starting January 21, 2011, or like what we have seen in Europe, with destructive violence.

Our 18th Century Revolution was a conservative revolution, when the people felt that the King and Parliament had strayed from the Bill of Rights of 1689.  The people sought to maintain law and order and control potential mob violence through the local communities through the Committees of Safety and Committees of Correspondence.

We want to get rid of the looters and their corporate cronies, but none of us want to lose the sense of law and order that we see day to day, and none of us want the potential chaos seen in a violent mob-based revolution.

What I suggest to Constitutional conservatives is the following:  a planned escalation of resistance to tyranny.  Protests and voting will only go so far when Congress is no longer bound by the language and original intent of the Constitution.   That has been tried, and those that still have faith in the system will continue to vote and protest.

Our physical presence in Washington (a constant in their face vocal presence) is one early tactic to try.  A second tactic would be a large scale(10's or 100's of thousands of people) tax protest.  The first year withhold a certain percent of what is owed, the next year a larger percentage, and so on.

As Larry Gomez (Budd's boss in the strip joint) said in Kill Bill Vol. 2:  "Fuckin' with your cash is the only thing you kids seem to understand!"

Violent resistance should be reserved for reacting to a government attempt to disarm the population, or if there is a crackdown on freedom of speech, freedom of the internet, or if constitutional conservative leaders are arrested or assassinated.

Violence in the defense of personal liberty is a moral obligation to one's self.

Nothing says "I'm serious," though, like a match 175 grain .308...

The more centrally organized a resistance is, the easier it would be for the government to take it down.  The Tea Party is large and spontaneous, and has some "leaders" but no leaders who are revolutionary leaders, at least as far as I perceive.  The passion of the betrayed American public has to be, and will be, harnessed in any near future Revolution.


  1. Read Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles. It took many small groups with the same goal...liberty


  2. Resistance, not ASSistance. Because the NWO cartel cannot allow itself to negotiate with its slaves (they will at all costs retain their facade) as tyrants are known as tyrants exactly because they think they think of themselves as gods. Looks more like a severe case of gluteus cranial inversion syndrome.

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