The power of III

Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

13 December 2010

Condescension of a Supreme Court Justice, another Face of Tyranny

"The point I am making is that here is a man who sees himself as the ultimate law, not interpreting the law, which I have always contended was NOT their purpose, but merely reading the law and strictly applying the actual words to the laws in dispute, with prejudice against laws that infringe on the natural liberty of the citizen. Instead, they see the words, each one they might conflate out of proportion to arrive at an end that pleases the majority of them the most. These are the actions of kings, not men and certainly not citizens."

TL in exile asks you to join him in Washington DC on 21 January 2011, the Guardians of Liberty.  The people must confront a tyrannical government.  Watch the Fox News video of Justice Stephen Breyer.  It made me sick.  This is what we're up against.  Now think of 5 like him on the court, add the 14th amendment, and presto!  You've got tyranny!

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