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18 December 2010

Sons of Confederate Veterans responds to aspersions cast on SCV regarding Secession Ball in Charleston

From (emphasis added):

In a letter addressed to Rev. Sharpton at the National Action Network in Harlem, New York, Commander [in Chief of Sons of Confederate Veterans] Givens stressed several points. These include:

"You sadly accused the attendees of this event of celebrating treason." You continued by adding they will be celebrating men that fought and killed and died to overthrow the United States government."

CiC Givens continued. "These accusations are patently and historically wrong. In 1860, secession was not considered an act of treason. Secession had been suggested by northern states previously and their lives were not in peril for the suggestion. Texas had recently seceded from Mexico to join the United States. This was sanctioned and embraced by the United States government, including Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the United States was created due to a secession of the colonies from the government of Great Britain. Would you suggest an evil intent is behind the celebration of the Fourth of July on these same grounds?"

Commander Givens also wrote "I assure you the Secession Ball is neither a celebration of treason nor of the repressive institution of slavery. Let us all agree that slavery is the darkest chapter in American history. Let's rejoice of its demise, learn from the past and make our country better."

Givens further wrote "The people attending the ball will be celebrating the courageous spirit and tenacity of their Confederate ancestors, black, brown and white that fought to protect their homes from invasion."

The letter closed stating "Instead of casting aspersions and slandering folks, let's come together as Americans and prove to the world that our country is truly great. Why don't we start this, you and I. Let's sit together, discuss our differences and discover our commonalities while doing some good for our country. Contact me anytime."

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