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11 November 2011

Update/Repost: Bonnie Blue Flag Bracelet/Wristband

Show your pride and politics!!

I revised the wristband design, and made two versions:

Version One:

Front: Star, Bonnie Blue Flag
Back: States' Rights

Version Two:
Front: Star, Bonnie Blue Flag
Back: Blank

They are made out of silicone, with ink injected debossed letters and star.

I am not seeking donations to run my blog;  it is my passion.  I did it because I couldn't find a similar product on google, ebay, or any of the online Confederate stores.

If you want one or more, send an email to

I decided to make and provide these for free to you, only asking that you make a donation to a charity dealing with Southern tornado relief, southern heritage, or southern nationalist organization, you commit verbally to meon your honor.  

Sons of Confederate Veterans
United Daughters of the Confederacy
League of the South


Both versions have this as the front, version two has nothing on back.

New Version One has "States' Rights" on the back, correcting the punctuation

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  1. I got one of the old ones....I wear it all the time! Get yours!! Support the "Cause" and a great Blog!