The power of III

Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

08 November 2011

Ballad of a Southern Man

New Video from Whiskey Myers for Country Music Television.

I love the song, the glimpses of the battle flag in the video, and the defiant ending.



    This was too good a song not to keep trying and I think he did a great job with this video.

  2. One of their marketing reps actually emailed me and asked me to post it, which I was only too happy to do.

  3. These boys are good, and they're right here in my neck of the woods. They'll be playing right down the road from me, in McKinney, TX on Dec.10 and you can be damn sure I'll be there. They've been in my regular rotation since I found them a couple months ago!

  4. Yeah, I told my Dad to head over there to Hanks--he's going to be in Anna then...

    Keep me in mind, and give 'em a rebel yell from me.