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08 November 2011

Northern California Sheriffs stand up to DC

The spirit of local and individual sovereignty lives!
800 patriots and uniformed LEO's gather to condemn DC policy.

Via the Tenth Amendment Center Blog:

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  1. I use to own a little forty acre ranch in Siskiyou County, just outside of Yreka. We had a black Sheriff back then (late 80's, early 90's) who was a good man, but not willing to stand against the Feds the way Lopey seems to be willing. As much as I hate California for its politics and government, it is great to see these Sheriffs getting together to fight the Feds, especially EPA, and their ridiculous restrictions.

    There has been a movement since before WWII to join the northernmost California counties with the southernmost Oregon counties into the "State of Jefferson". It had some real momentum until WWII started and deflected the energy involved into the war effort. Maybe we will see a resurgence of the idea with serious intent. That is beautiful country up there. If it weren't controlled by the California government, I would consider moving back there again.