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19 August 2011

Ron Paul, prescient for President, 2012

Knowledge of Austrian Economics is key for accurate predictions of the business cycle.  Austrian theory can tell you what will definitely happen in the macro-economy, but cannot tell you when.  This is primarily because the market is not "free" but is corporatist, being an unsavory marriage of government, central banks, brokerage houses, and specific businesses.

Here, Paul is quoted from a 2003 statement in the House Banking Committee, where he hits the nail on the head with how the housing bubble would burst.

Who do you want in public office, if not someone who REALLY understands how the economy works?

Every other GOP candidate is a Statist Keynesian dog. (Michelle Bachman is the closest to Paul, as she claims to have read and admires von Mises' work, but who needs another neocon in the White House?)

We, the people of the United States, constantly fleeced by the government and central bank, cannot afford another Keynesian neocon administration. It's time for radical change, and to begin to unwind the powers that be.

Money bomb on August 20th.

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