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15 August 2011

Armies of empire impoverish the people

Turning your country into an empire burns out the people, the wealth, the productive part that made your country great in the first place.  It happened to England, Rome, and now to US.

The old Conservatives like Robert Taft and Ron Paul support non-intervention.  The administration and MSM will scream that this approach is passivity and invites aggression.

Non-intervention means don't meddle in the affairs of others. It absolutely doesn't mean don't defend yourself. It's kind of like what you teach your son: Don't start fights, but if one is started with you, you kick the crap out of the other kid and end it.

Non-intervention doesn't mean go back to the time without a standing army. Shrink the army, make it efficient, improve the technology for the smaller army.

Non-intervention means that the neocon "Bush doctrine" of pre-emptive war, which I wholeheartedly supported at the time of the Iraq invasion, is stupid. Iraq and Afghanistan were touted as a way to make us safer, but what did it get us?

Blowback, "in country".
Fascist anticonstitutional crap at home, worst loss of Liberty since 1865.

1. A bunch of dead tangoes that might never have left their hometowns if we weren't in their country. How would you react to armed occupation of your land?

2. We now have a standing army on home soil. Posse commitatus has been chucked out the window. SWAT raids for raw milk dairies and manufacturers of gold and silver coins, no knock raids, militarized and federalized local police. FEMA camps, gun confiscations of Katrina, cutting off more and more pieces of the constitution.  No money, and yet they make bigger and bigger plans.

3. The TSA; nuff said.

4. Director of National Intelligence, supposedly the head of 16 intelligence agencies. Their lens pointed inward and outward, not limiting themselves to muslim militants. Defense department hits at patriot, tenther, threeper, and Southern nationalist websites.

All this in a more than bankrupt nation, with a terribly eroded manufacturing base, and a paralyzed entrepeneurial system.

And yet the Neocons and Tea Party neocons of the dead elephant society, even as they push their kids and grandkids deeper into poverty still crow:

Illustration via, williambanzai7

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  1. Supreme Court here in Indiana upheld no knock if police were wrong take them to court was their stance.Right as they kick in your door and you start shooting,there will be no Court case,possibly 1 or 2 dead officers and dead homeowner..