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10 May 2011

Wall Street Journal publishes and later blatantly scrubs a Euroskeptic article by True Finns leader

First, zerohedge reports a post by Karl Denninger of

Yesterday, when we posted the full original letter submitted by True Finns leader Timo Soini titled "Why I Won't Support More Bailouts" as presented by the Wall Street Journal in verbatim, we were surprised that the WSJ, traditionally the bastion of various Fed interests (a topic previously dissected in "On The New York Fed's Editorial Influence Over The WSJ"), would allow such a truthy letter to appear on its pages. Today, courtesy of Karl Denninger who pointed out something glaringly disgusting, we were forced to look again at the letter as it now  appears on the website of the WSJ. Shockingly, as the redline below indicates, the entire letter was scrubbed with blatant deletions from the original text which can still be found on the pages of Zero Hedge. It is high time that the WSJ readers demand to know whether this unprecedented scrubbing was due to an editorial intervention, or if Soini himself was responsible for this blatant revisionism. If the latter is indeed the case, perhaps supporters of the True Finn party in Finland should inquire who it was that forced their leader to adjusted his letter in such a way. And here we are making fun of Jean Claude Junker for openly lying to the media...

deleted/edited portions of Timo Soini's WSJ article is worth reading here

Here is another Euroskeptic, member of European Parliament Dan Hannan of England, writing in The Telegraph on the same article:

Hannan’s First Law, long-standing readers will recall, holds that no party is Eurosceptic while in office. No one has yet broken it: not Ian Paisley nor Václav Klaus nor even Margaret Thatcher. Will Timo Soini, the brave, devout, amiable, Millwall-obsessed leader of the True Finns, be the exception?
Timo – whom I am proud to count among my friends – stormed to victory at the recent Finnish election: every other party lost support to his centrist but Eurosceptic True Finns who, by the latter stages of the election, were fighting a virtually single issue anti-bailout campaign. It would be pretty awkward for him to join a government that immediately authorised new loans to Portugal or Greece. So will he back down?

Hannan's blog here.

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