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11 May 2011

The age of Ron Paul

The Judge, and Juan Williams on Freedom Watch:

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  1. Sounds like an ambush to me. I think the liberals, the Democrats, will try to help get Ron Paul nominated because they believe he doesn't stand a chance of being elected. He had his best shot in 2008 (I donated four figures to his campaign myself at that time, and I had never donated to Presidential elections before then), but was marginalized by his own Republican Party, had votes for him "lost", not counted, in the primaries. There were folks in New Hampshire who said they voted for him in counties that were reported as having received _no_ votes for him whatsoever, per the Republicans running the primaries. He was destroyed by the press ignoring him and the Republicans sabotaging his candidacy.

    Tell me Juan Williams would speak so glowingly of him if he thought he could really beat Obama. I don't think NPR turned Williams into a conservative.

    Now that I know Ron Paul is anti-Israel (I don't know if he is anti-Semitic), I would find it hard to vote for him in the primaries, unless West and or Cain refused to run. I'd vote for him over Romney or Daniels or any of the other RINO slugs who are currently talking about running.

    If he actually won the Republican nomination I would have to vote for him, because of his fiscal wisdom and willingness to take on the Fed. Hopefully, Congress would keep him from abandoning Israel. They and the Brits would still be true friends of America if Obama wasn't sh*tting all over both of them.