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10 May 2011

Personal and post tornado update, including "Asheville to the rescue"

Slacking off on blogging update:

I started a new job last week, so I'm trying to get used to a new routine.  It seems like the intensity of work is much more early in a new job.  At any rate, my time for sneaking a few minutes here or there to write, research, or post has been temporarily curtailed.  

That, plus Mother's Day = 4 days without posting.

Car accident recovery update:

I've also got post concussion syndrome from my March car accident, the main issue being a decrease in the speed that my brain can process information (as I understand it, multiple neurons were disrupted in their connections on a microscopic level, so thought memory A routed to thought center B has to go via C and D, instead of direct A to B).  It sucks, because I am very aware of the slowness, even though if you met me on the street, you couldn't tell. Everything takes just a little longer, and it makes work and doing paperwork at the house less efficient.  My memory is off, too.  From doctors and what I read, this could last weeks, months, or years.  It depends on my body and the love and mercy of the Lord.

Broken ribs are easier to deal with, for me, because its just pain that will (and has) passed.  

I finally get what its like for some guys after they were hit with an IED, or after someone has head trauma.  An invisible injury like post concussion syndrome is hard to understand and sympathize with until you live it.

Post-tornado update:

The property in Greeneville, TN is undergoing repairs;  the Red Cross and the people of Greene County have been amazing.  

Asheville to the rescue!!!:  

My dad was out in the yard despairing of workers who had cancelled on us at the last minute, when a woman drove up and asked if he needed any help with yard work.  He said "Oh, all I can get."  So this kind stranger makes a call, and tells my dad that "help is on the way."

A little while later, 14 men from an Asheville church came, all volunteers.  In very short order, literally prayers answered, our yard was cleaned up.  That saved us hours and hours, not to mention the monetary savings.  Amazing!  I am sending a big donation to the church.  We are so grateful.

After the main repairs are done, I am looking into taking the house off the grid;  the creek on the property is appropriate for microhydro power.  Really cool stuff. I will post on that as it develops.

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