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31 May 2011

In opposition to UN resolution, Western boots on the ground in Libya


In a TV slip caught by Al Jazeera, yet another Zero Hedge prediction has been confirmed: namely that it was only a matter of time before NATO "boots on the ground" would promptly replace the CIA's "sandals on the ground" in a fully Western-backed land invastion of Libya. Since it is too early to predict the nationality of the armed invaders, we will assume they are British as Al Jazeera speculates, because otherwise Congress is about to find itself in an unprecedented scandal for completely ignoring its duty to impose the War Powers Act, which in turn would mean that the President now has a unilateral right to enforce the invasion of any country he so chooses. We will leave the bitter implications of what this could mean, as America celebrates, and remembers the lives of so many who died for this once great country, to others.

Also note:

It seems (if you watch the video) the main battle rifle of choice, at least on the rebel side, is the FN FAL, my favorite .308.

A nice accurate rifle for an insurgency, at least in the hands of a rifleman. 

Got FAL, anyone?

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