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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

29 May 2011

Denninger puts Memorial Day in perspective

Our honored dead:  They died for what freedom exactly?

Our forefathers primarily went to war with Britain over two issues: Taxation Without Representation and Writs of Assistance.  While we're at it we'll add Equal Protection Under The Law.

The former everyone understands: The extraction of taxes from the people without any right to direct where the funds go. 

How are we doing today?

Some half of the population pays no Federal Tax.  They receive funds, net-net.  Since it is now quite possible to "vote for a living", that's exactly what has happened.  But this means that for each and every person who pays taxes on net, you no longer have representation.

How about the latter?

Well, we have the following:
  • Searches on I-40 in Tennessee; these have been clearly identified (and admitted!) through media investigation to be effectively stopping drivers for profit.  Where's the probable cause to search a traffic stop's vehicle for money and then declare it "drug proceeds" simply due to which direction the vehicle is traveling on I-40?  In this case the police aren't even bothering with the formality of getting the Writ of Assistance - they're simply stealing the funds.
  • Kicking down doors in Kentucky.  Yes, the cops were chasing a person who allegedly sold crack cocaine.  But we're then supposed to believe that seconds after this person ran into one of two apartments - being actively chased by the police - the suspect lit up a joint?  (The rationale for the cops kicking down the door was that they smelled marijuana, and upon knocking heard "movement" and believed the occupants might be "destroying evidence.")  That conviction was upheld in the United States Supreme Court - even though the person they were looking for wasn't in the apartment.

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