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15 April 2011

Silver: Messing with your mind...

Ok, I know there are some old fogies out there that either were kids or grownups when these were still circulating, or at least can remember occasionally finding one in change as late as the 70's or 80's.

Here's what blows my mind:  one of these quarters, which contains 6.25 grams of silver, is worth $7.63, as of tonight's spot price ($42.21/oz).

$1.00 of face value silver coins is worth $30.52.  

Tell that to your older relatives and see if they can wrap their brain around that...

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  1. Geez, this means gas costs about 13 cents a gallon in real money! Being an old codger myself, I can remember back in the 60's when it approached this price. "Gas war" back then had an entirely different meaning - it meant that stations were competing with each other fiercely by lowering prices. - Dutchy