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14 April 2011

RAND Paul shows well in presidential poll

Sure, Rand lags behind some of the "mainstream" candidates, but 38 % is not bad for a wingnut.  

Educational inroads being made into the minds of the sheeple???  Hope springs eternal.


Public Policy Polling:


Obama leads potential 2012 foes nationally

Raleigh, N.C. – President Obama has held his ground or slightly increased his share of
the vote against his prospective Republican opponents since PPP last took a measure of
the American electorate in March. His closest challenger for the national popular vote is
Mike Huckabee, who lags 43-48, the same deficit as last month. Close behind is Mitt
Romney, down 41-47 (42-47). Obama beat John McCain by seven points in 2008.
Unlikely candidates Chris Christie (39-48) and Rand Paul (38-48) trail Obama as well, as
do Newt Gingrich (38-52, versus 39-50 in March) and Sarah Palin (36-54 versus 38-53).
No candidate has lost the nationwide vote by 18 points since Walter Mondale won only
his own state and D.C. against Ronald Reagan in 1984.

via Lew Rockwell's new political blog

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  1. This poll doesn't jive with others that I have seen which show all much closer and some tied.