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15 April 2011

Perfect explanation of why to own gold

Gary North, on Lew Rockwell:

I have stressed holding coins, especially tenth-ounce American gold eagles.

I am writing this for those readers who did what I recommended, have quadrupled their money (on paper and in digits), but who may be getting cold feet.

There are good reasons for buying gold. But you should have an exit strategy in mind. You need to consider this.

We are told by the mainstream financial media, which never told investors to buy gold over the last decade, that gold is in the final phase of a bubble market. But how can any market be a bubble market when the mainstream financial media are not running report after report on the bubble, telling readers and viewers about how much money people are making.

What mainstream financial outlet warned investors loud and clear, issue after issue, in 1999 that the market was a bubble? I told my subscribers in February and March of 2000 that it was, and that they should get out. But I published a newsletter. I was not mainstream.

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Gary North is a great writer, very accessible, clear explanations on many economic topics.  Read his archives at Lew Rockwell.  This is an awesome review of how intelligent people, with an understanding of the principles of the Austrian school of economics, can read the economy well enough to predict and avoid disasters.

Hey, no comments on silver -- you know I know already, and have bought...:-)

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