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18 January 2011

Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers on the Tucson shooting, and Liberty

[Regarding John Green, father of Christina, the 9 year old killed in Houston] 
"My hat is off to this man for giving such a principled, deep, courageous, and thoughtful response to the tragic death of his daughter.  Mr. Green is an example of what is best about America.  He deserves our utmost respect and gratitude.  If only the political chattering class were half as principled.  In a guest editorial for the Daily Bell (, Congressman Ron Paul had this to say about the shameful attempts to use the Arizona shooting as justification for liberty stealing legislation:
“Liberty only has meaning if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and more government security is demanded.”

Precisely.  Just as it was wrong to curtail liberty and to violate the Bill of Rights after 9-11, it is now equally wrong to do the same in the aftermath of this senseless shooting. The whole point of a written Constitution and a Bill of Rights is to bind us down from doing mischief to our own lives and liberty during times of fear, war, and emergency."


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  1. I guess we may soon get to see if the Oathkeepers mean what they say, after all.