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19 January 2011

Man blogs "1 down, 534 to go" after Tucson, Feds and locals violate 1st and 2nd amendment in response

Apparently he crossed the feds' red line...

Although he personally does not say he intends to harm a specific person, he has his gun license revoked and his arms and ammunition confiscated "temporarily" for an investigation.  

This process is likely to take years and cost him a lot of money in lost business and legal fees.

The rest of the article here, via Drudge. 


  1. Did you see all the pathetic sheep lining up to support the theft of his property in response to his posting hyperbole?

  2. I stumbled on his blog post a few days ago from this site and read the entry. While in poor taste, this man, an anarcho-capitalist, in a later post went on to disclaim that while he believed in the right of revolution (to include the assassination of political figures so that soldiers' lives may be spared), he believed that it was not necessary at this time and that consequently no one should actually go out and start shooting up Congress.