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24 October 2010

Those November elections...

If we can succeed by the ballot box, then great, but I wont hold my breath.  As conservative as I am, and as hateful as it is to me to say this, I prefer the Democrats stay in power longer.

They will swell the ranks of those who would see the federal government returned to its original mandate of acting as an agent of the several states to negotiate treaties and engage in commerce agreements with foreign governments.   The Democrats are the best representatives of undisguised statism.  The more times they have a Pelosi answering a question about the constitutional basis of a recently passed law with "Are you kidding me?", the more TARP's and American Recovery and Reinvestment Acts, the more bailouts of whole industries with large union representation, or the more times they cram a boondoggle of crap like Obamacare down the throats of constituents in districts where it can be proven that the vast majority oppose the legislation, the more we will gain new members to our ranks, and the sooner that we will win.  

Better to have Statism Dark than Statism light, it will be more obvious much sooner to the majority of Americans.  They will then be more amenable to the message of decentralisation, of interposition, nullification and secession if necessary.  They will understand the need to deconstruct the military industrial complex, deconstruct empire, 700 plus bases in 100 countries!  The people of this country do not need such an empire to support with their hard earned taxes, or support with the debt that even their grandchildren wont be able to pay back.  The American people dont need an empire that results in blowback hatred of American culture and American people, and occasional overt attacks on Americans.  Only the oligarchy in cahoots with the power elite of this federal government benefit from Empire and eternal war.

So look how many people are passionate about the November midterm election now.  They are really pissed off, rightfully so, about so many violations of their individual rights, the fleecing of their prosperity, the absolute lack of accountability of the Congress to the people of their district.  So a 1994 style switch from a Democratic Congress to a Republican Congress will likely take place in 2010.  Maybe Rand Paul will be elected, and can join his dad as one more voice of the old Republic in DC.  I hope so.  But the rest of the Republicans?  Who do you mean?  You think RINO's and Neocons are going to help us bring back the troops, dismantle empire, restart American industry, get government out of the way of small business, decrease taxes, and become fiscally responsible?  Did 1994 and Newt's Contract with America help anything?  Look where we are now to know the answer.

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