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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

28 June 2012

Federal tyranny, again

ACA/Obamacare upheld by Supremes. Government can make you buy something (expensive), even if you don't want to. More wealth confiscation and "legal" coercion of the citizenry. Dead body of the Constitution kicked again; one more Intolerable Act. 'nuff said.


  1. "Dead body" That is the most apt description yet. The constitution has taken a host of hits over the years, but this is the end. There are now no standards for limits on government power.

  2. I beg to differ, gentlemen. I realize that at the moment it appears that Chief Justice Roberts has stabbed neo-cons everywhere in the back. What he has done is given the sitting administration a short term victory, but in the long run, he has gift wrapped a present of incalculable worth to states righters.

    Allow me to explain. The liberal 4 justices wrote their opinion that the Individual Mandate was constitutional on the grounds that it was a proper exercise of Congress' powers under the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. Now if you are an actual student of the Constitution instead of just one of the myriad ill-tempered backwoodsmen who wrap the cross in the flag and carry it like it's the True Cross of Calvary, then you know that the way Congress gets their grubby little hands into everybody's business is through two openings: 1) the Necessary and Proper Clause and 2) the Commerce Clause. To put it shortly, the Commerce Clause is usually interpreted to give Congress power to regulate any business interactions taking place between the several states. That is a wide open door in this day and age of corporations.

    Now, here's where CJ Roberts shows pure brilliance. He said the Individual Mandate was Constitutional, but it was because it is a de facto tax and penalty and so falls within Congress' power to tax the citizenry. He specifically states in his opinion that "This law is a tax, pure and simple, and it is not the business of this court to weigh in on the wisdom of such a tax, but merely its constitutionality. Furthermore, the Individual Mandate is NOT a proper exercise of the Commerce Clause because it is impossible to interpret buying NOTHING as commerce no matter how broadly one may wish to interpret it."

    Now, since Roberts it Chief Justice, HIS opinion is the one that matters for legal precedence for years to come. So before you are so quick to complain, realize what a boon has been given. With one opinion, Justice Roberts gutted the Congress' favorite stick used to beat the states. His written opinion will narrowly define the powers congress can use under the Commerce Clause and will go a long way towards closing that barn door.

    Take the LONG view people. It's the important one. We didn't get here overnight and we won't get out overnight unless some of y'all want to quit whining about the disrespect given to the Stars and Bars and start flying them in front of armed columns marching on Washington DC in full fledged rebellion like our Southern forefathers did. They spilled their blood for what they believed in, maybe it's time we do the same. You know, put up or shut up?

  3. Sorry South hated States rights =--- get real. When Kansas rejected slavery, SOuthern Scum went ga ga and promised war if they did not accept and respect slavery.

    Idiot fucktards, learn real history