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01 October 2011

Altas Shrugged: Francisco D'Anconia's Money Speech


  1. After hearing this, I've come to realize that the distinction between money and the love of it (the deadly sin of greed) does indeed need to be made. I never actually thought about it before. I've always just assumed that when someone refers to money being evil that they were simply referring to the love of it and not it in and of itself.

    True indeed; money itself is not evil. It is simply a trading tool to be used by the wealthy as well as the poor. The problem comes when you covet it.

  2. Ayn Rand also focuses on distinguishes between making money vs. getting money (think of entrepeneur making something that others find useful and want to buy vs. a swindle or using government contacts to suppress competition). She focuses on Producers (make money), Looters (take money by force, includes government taxation), and Moochers (beg, whine, and plead to obtain the unearned).

    She differentiates between voluntarily giving to charity, vs. forceful confiscation of wealth to provide welfare.

    From a religious point of view, I believe Gd wants us to be productive to our own capacity, diligent, and industrious, so that we can provide for the less fortunate, and be able to tithe and support our religious institutions. If you work to such a capacity as to earn, and I mean earn, billions of dollars, and you provide for your family, give to charity, tithe to the church, etc., is that being covetous?

    The evil in our society that qualifies as greed comes from theft and from unfair advantage when those with the power take others' wealth and give it to their cronies.

    Railing at corporatism is ok. Railing at greed is OK, but qualify what you are thinking of theft. If a person has an idea (like velcro) that everyone wants and is willing to pay for, then that person earns his millions; he is not greedy by the virtue of his success.

    I could go on...

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