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26 September 2011

Gunwalker update: Potential to be the most devastating scandal in American political history

Another coup by patriot bloggers Vanderboegh and Codrea:

ATF used taxpayer money,  in cash, to buy guns and hand them to Sinaloa cartel members.

If Vanderboegh/Codrea are correct — and for the duration of this scandal they have been dead-on accurate — Dodson [first whistleblower] was chosen by his superiors to become the “walker” of Fast and Furious guns in order to “dirty” him for his previous vehement arguments against the operations. The apparent hope was that if he was sullied in the operation himself, that he would be unwilling or unable to blow the whistle on crimes that he himself participated in. Obviously, they miscalculated his character.

The plot to ensnare Dodson sounds like a Hollywood mob movie for a very good reason; this kind of stunt has been revealed in multiple RICO prosecutions of organized crime.

The unraveling Gunwalker conspiracy has the potential of being the most devastating scandal in the history of American politics.


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