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02 March 2011

What motivated secession: Western NC, 1861

North Carolina had not yet seceded when Fort Sumter surrendered to the provisional Confederate Army in 1861.

"At first the Union sentiment in Haywood County [North Carolina] was overwhelming but after Lincoln's call for troops became known the feeling changed and what had been a Union stronghold became strong for secession."

Annuals of Haywood County, W.C. Allen

The isolated towns and villages of the Haywood Co., North Carolina mountains produced at least 1165 men (according to the North Carolina roster) who served in the CSA.  Among these men were three of my great-great-great grandfathers, who served in the 25th and 62nd Regiments of North Carolina Troops.  None were slave owners.

A Yankee asked a Confederate prisoner: "So how many slaves do you own?"  
The Confederate replied: "None."
"So why are you fighting?" asked the Yankee?
"'Cause you'ns is down here!" came the reply.

Civil War Letters and Memories from the Great Smoky Mountains, Hattie Caldwell Davis 


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