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07 February 2011

Tom Woods' new book "Rollback"

 Rollback: Repealing Big Government before the Coming Fiscal Collapse

Now released and in stock at Amazon.

A systemic crisis is poised to strike an unprepared America, as the federal government is forced to renege on its impossible promises. It will no longer be the godlike dispenser of bounties. … Most of the people reading this book will live through one of the most significant periods of change in American history. The scale of the coming, inevitable spending cuts will be unlike anything Americans have ever experienced.

...“Americans in their twenties and thirties,” he writes, including himself in the latter group, “confront an especially grim future unless a radical change in direction occurs very soon. … Taxes are certain to be increased - especially if we include inflation as a tax - throughout our lives.” With the steadily increasing share of earnings appropriated by government, “the amount of money this age group will have left to save for the future will be pitifully small … we can safely say that most of us will never be able to retire. A world in which people’s productive lives ended around 60 or even earlier will seem like something out of science fiction."

Early Reviews:

“If Congress and the Administration really wanted to learn how to eliminate the deficit, limit government, and protect liberty they would stop wasting taxpayers’ money on ‘debt commissions’ and instead read Rollback.”
–Ron Paul (R-TX), Member of Congress
“In Rollback, Tom Woods provides a provocative assessment of President Obama’s first two years of economic policy-making, challenging virtually every aspect of the administration’s narrative.  While some readers may not be persuaded, all will find Woods’ analysis both interesting and worthy of serious debate.”
–Jeffrey Miron, economist, Harvard University, and senior fellow at the Cato Institute
“Tom Woods is one of my dearest allies in the struggle against wrongheaded and dangerous economic policy. Rollback takes an honest (and methodically cited) look at the record of big government: skyrocketing health-care costs, an out-of-control military, moral hazard in the markets, and a collapsing dollar.  Even better, he offers clever, turn-key solutions that could restore the United States to being the breeding ground of wealth and ingenuity that our immigrant ancestors sought and cherished….”
–Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital and host of The Peter Schiff Show
“In Rollback, economic historian Tom Woods proves that the true culrpit for our financial woes is a government that thinks it can right any wrong, regulate any activity, and tax any event; and a public that continues to accept the assault on its natural liberties in the name of safety.  Woods demonstrates with brutal clarity the critical and immediate need to reject the myth that the government can protect us and to repeal the institutions it has created to do so.”
–Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst, FOX News

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