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06 February 2011

Project Gunwalker: How high up does it go?

"A source who has been providing information that has consistently panned out in the ongoing “Project Gunwalker” investigation  is claiming that Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, Lanny Breuer, was party to the decision to overrule the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive’s representative to Mexico.  Former attaché Darren Gil reportedly advocated informing the Mexican government of gun monitoring operations that resulted in “Project Gunwalker” allegations, and has since resigned his post, one sources say is now to be filled by current ATF Phoenix Field Division Special Agent in Charge William Newell.

Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Streeet Irregulars has posted a detailed background on Breuer along with his analysis of this latest allegation. Might this new allegation help explain why whistleblowers would want to avoid normal Department of Justice channels and seek Congressional protections?"

Who authorized the transportation of US weapons into Mexico? 

Who deliberately did not inform the Mexican authorities of the transfer of weapons?

Read the rest of David Codrea's article at National Gun Rights Examiner

For my part, I am grateful to Mike V. and David Codrea for all their hard work in getting the truth out about ATF abuses.

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