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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

23 December 2010

TSA security is a facade without substance

It is either about more government control, lulling the public by the perception that something is being done on their behalf, or more government control.  Probably more government control...

In the news story below, a pilot films the lax security for the airport crews and employees.  Security seems to be tight to the traveller, but behind the scenes it is a joke. 

What would/could a determined enemy do?  Whatever they want, apparently. 

But al Qaida or other enemy of the United States can get the US goverment to spend millions reacting to shadows now-- just by internet chatter.  They dont need to attack anything...they "live rent free in the heads" of the administration.  (to use an expression from Sipsey Street)

Meanwhile, our personal freedom continues to erode, and the federal government grows at our expense...

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