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10 March 2012

Shame on the leadership of the United Daughters of the Confederacy

Hell has finally froze over!


Well y'all,

Today, March 10th, 2012, glaciers have officially replaced flames in Hell.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy National Headquarters in Richmond have become ALLIED with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in their OPPOSITION to the RESTORATION of the BATTLEFLAGS on the CONFEDERATE WAR MEMORIAL CHAPEL.

FIRST the UDC HQ has said to USE A BATTLEFLAG is POLITICAL and they would not SUPPORT any efforts that included using a BATTLEFLAG to help the CHAPEL issue because the 501c3 tax status is MORE IMPORTANT than our ANCESTORS!

TODAY the UDC HQ called the Richmond Police to REMOVE the VIRGINIA FLAGGERS who have been successfully Flagging the VMFA to restore the BATTLEFLAGS for the past 6 months AND LIED TO THE OFFICERS to get them to respond!

I was present at the scene as it happened. The GUILTY are UDC President Martha Van Schaick and UDC Secretary of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Lucy Steele.

TOGETHER, the UDC and the VMFA stand PROUD against the CHAPEL, and against our ANCESTORS!

After 150 years, the flag has become too political for the UDC leadership?!? Shame on you!

The battle flag is the military banner of an independent Confederacy of independent sovereign States, that has become more politicized over time.  The formation of the Confederate States over 150 years ago, was, by definition, political.  

To these two ladies I would say: Heritage is heritage.  You must remember and honour your ancestry in it's own context. You should not think of the battle flag in the context of the collectivist multicultural empire in which you live today. I believe your mothers and grandmothers would ask you: Why support (i.e. lend vocal and financial support to preservation of heritage) the flag yesterday but not today?  

Perhaps these two ladies should consider resigning from the UDC leadership.  If what georgiaflagger says is true, Mrs. Van Shaick and Mrs. Steele appear to have deviated from the UDC mission.

From the UDC headquarters homepage:

UDC insignia


The insignia of the United Daughters of the Confederacy is the First National Flag (Stars and Bars) of the Confederacy surrounded by a laurel wreath bearing the letters "UDC" under the flag; the whole is tied with a ribbon on which are inscribed the dates "1861-1865."

If I'm not mistaken, the First National Flag is also "political".

via Chuck Demastus' Southern Heritage News and Views facebook feed and email newsletter.

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