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17 January 2012

Pornoscanner for your car. Coming soon to a border crossing or a random VIPR checkpoint near you.

Think you got a right to privacy from gummint?  

Think again. Not in your house. Not in the street. Not at the airport. 

Not in your car:

Internal Homeland Security documents describing specifications for border-crossing scanners, which emit gamma or X-ray radiation to probe vehicles and their occupants, are raising new health and privacy concerns, CNET has learned.

Even though a public outcry has prompted Homeland Security to move away from adding X-ray machines to airports--it purchased 300 body scanners last year that used alternative technology instead--it appears to be embracing them at U.S.-Mexico land border crossings as an efficient way to detect drugs, currency, and explosives.

A 63-page set of specifications (PDF), heavily redacted, obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center through the Freedom of Information Act, says the scanners must "be based on X-Ray or gamma technology," which use potentially dangerous ionizing radiation at high energies, and "shall be capable of scanning cars, SUVs, motorcycles and buses."


Oh, and dont worry bout cancer from the radiation. We're from the government. We'll take care of you.

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