The power of III

Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

27 December 2011

Quote of the Day, 12/27

We must, and we will, exhaust all peaceful means we have left of defending our Bill of Rights.   But make no mistake, we, the American people, and especially we, the American veterans, will defend our Bill of Rights at all hazards, up to and including by giving our lives in its defense.   We are duty bound to do no less.  We will not leave our children to a world without the Bill of Rights.   Our fathers and grandfathers fought, bled, and died to defeat fascism over there. We will not abide it here at home.   They honored their oaths, and we shall do the same.  And we will set aside all other differences to take this stand.  For without the Bill of Rights, America ceases to exist.

Oathkeepers, calling for recall and removal of members of Congress who voted for NDAA

“There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”- Marine General Smedley Butler.


  1. My eternal question is: What the hell are they waiting for...

  2. Craig,

    I believe it would be better asked, "What the hell are WE waiting for..."

  3. I say "they", because I've been ready for years. But since I'm not suicidal, I'd like to have a few (hundred thousand) like minded folks to stand with me...