The power of III

Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

09 December 2011

Bob Fanning and Chuck Baldwin for Montana Gubernatorial race--Free market, 10th Amendment + Nullification, 2nd Amendment

America became the strongest nation in the world in short order because of its economic model of Capitalism. Allow people to use their ingenuity, skills, knowledge, and creativity to produce products, services, and wealth. When we get back to this formula, Montana will acquire more money than we have ever seen.

2nd Amendment
The individual’s and the State’s right to defend life and property is one of the most fundamental rights of mankind. This will be held as inviolable by Fanning-Baldwin.

US Constitution
Our union is governed by the U.S. Constitution. It is the Supreme Law of the Land. It must be faithfully protected and supported by every officer–especially governors.

The Economy Problem
How did we get into the real estate meltdown? How did we get into the financial and economic recession–and some say, depression?

The Economy Answer
So, what is the answer to our economic and financial catastrophe? How is Bob going to lead Montana to it?

The Economy Solution: Bob Fanning
Bob Fanning is the only candidate with the knowledge, experience, and ability to put Montana on a path of economic and financial success. There is NO competition and only one choice – Bob Fanning for Governor.

Medical Marijuana
Montana has the right to govern itself involving the use of medical marijuana. The people have spoken more than once about this and have provided for its medical use. I will faithfully execute and defend all State laws, including the medical marijuana laws.

Individuals and families should be left with, as much as possible, the sovereignty they inherently possess for the general welfare of Montana. To protect life, liberty, and property is the purpose of government and Montana’s constitution.

Tenth Amendment Plan
Montana has the natural and constitutional right to govern itself. I will do more than say I believe in Montana’s right to govern itself. I will stand for Montana’s rights. Our future requires this kind of governor with the economic and political turmoil pervasive amongst us.


  1. Fanning and Baldwin are the only choice for those who care about their freedom. They will bring Montana to prosperity by unleashing the resources we have in abundance. They will kick out the Federal agencies and bureaucrats who have held us back and stolen our ability to thrive. The time is now. The team is Fanning-Baldwin. Let Freedom ring.

  2. The fight and ultimate victory over the Global forces of darkness and authoritaritarism will begin and be won by this Iconic candidicy based in Montana serving as a shining beacon of hope,liberty, freedom , self governance and the sanctity of the individual.

    All 6 billion people on earth have a stake in the Fanning-Baldwin victory.
    Thank you
    Bob Fanning

    1. It's spelled "candidicy".........Bob.

  3. There's only one choice for Montanans. Gdspeed, Mr. Fanning.

  4. oops..,it's "candidacy"