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27 November 2011

State Sovereignty: America's [First and] Final Solution to Tyranny

At the end of this article is a copy of the proposed state sovereignty amendment that Ron and Donnie Kennedy are promoting as the final solution to federal abuse. They believe that anything less will only continue the course of federal supremacy and the ultimate destruction of real American liberty. I sadly agree with them.

Just following Congress, the 2012 presidential campaign and the inability of citizens to influence government policy makes it clear to every American how broken the US political system has become. A few powerful interests run the entire show and the American people are being forced down a dark road to economic destruction. History shows us that Washington is immune to conventional national political action under the present system. What can freedom loving Americans do?

...There is only one effective, democratic and peaceful tool left to Americans to defend their liberties and restore the original republic of our founding fathers. It is the right of state sovereignty and nullification, so effectively explained by Tom Woods in his book Nullification: How To Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.

Many other freedom advocates have proposed nullification and state sovereignty, including the Kennedy Brothers who have developed a State Sovereignty Amendment strategy that should be launched in all 50 states. Although the elites ruling our nation have total control over the federal government and the two-party system nationally, they have neglected to extend this top-down control to the state level. This is because over the last 50 years states have become mere powerless appendages of Washington without influence – and this is an opportunity for the Freedom movement.

Read the rest at The Daily Bell

Proposed State Sovereignty Amendment to the Constitution at the end of the article.


  1. Sadly this is probably the only course other than a straight up revolution that would do anything.

    It's obvious that DC corruptocrats don't give 2 shits about what the people want or even have to say.

  2. It is still trying to work within a corrupted and evil system. Too little, too late I'm afraid. Many states (Kalifornistan, being the worst) have shown themselves to be WORSE than the fedgov tyrants. Then there's municipalities which make Nazi Germany look like the Promised Land. No, I fear revolution is our only recourse if we are to see Liberty restored...

  3. @Craig and @RichT:

    Revolution of one sort or another.

    I think I'm past the belief that anything will work within the system as it is.

    I fear we'll end up with a French Revolution instead of an American one this time 'round.

    But the founders also had no clue of the outcome throughout most of the Revolution, and even the WBTS could have ended with a truce and Southern Independence.

    I'll keep doing what I can do to keep getting a reasonable word out to anyone who'll listen, for my kids' sake.