The power of III

Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

25 November 2011

Europe: Combine socialism and then add economic austerity, this is what you get: this case the Catalan state within the Spanish nation...

Catalonia is not Spain! Notice the Bonnie Blue Chevron?  Sorry...shameless plug for secession...couldn't help it.

And this is what you get when you combine socialism, socialized medicine, central planning, and then run out of money:

Among other things...Rationing (read: death panels)...brain drain of doctors leaving for greener pastures...and awfully disappointed, nay, really mad  "constituents".

To the Democrats of the United States: Still think it's a good idea raising people's hopes of universal health care as a "right"? That is a right to loot others. Eventually, you run out of other people's money...

"Folks, this political game of lie, lie and lie some more cannot go on forever. Eventually the waiter appears with the check and you either pay it, wash dishes, or get arrested for theft." --Karl Denninger,