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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

28 October 2011

Third American Revolution, Reasons to fight: Tactics of Syria come to Oakland

...and now the Marines are pissed off.

Marines have been flocking to the social networking/aggregator site Reddit to voice their anger at the life-threatening injury inflicted on 24-year-old Iraqi war veteran Scott Olsen by Oakland police during the recent Occupy protests. Video showed Olsen go down after taking a tear gas canister to the head. As fellow protesters tried to assist him, police lobbed a flash grenade into their midst–right next to Olsen’s already fractured skull.
The picture above, submitted by Reddit user aburger, has generated well over 1,000 comments on the site–many from fellow Marines who are absolutely livid at the injury to one of their own by police.
Here’s one from Reddit user 0311kilo33:
As God is my witness. I will fight tooth and nail to restore the decency this country was founded upon. The politicians, banks and large corporations have ruined this country. I find it difficult to notice any sense of politeness on the streets anymore. But it goes farther. As a Marine and a citizen I am outraged. I am sick to death of the world my children are being raised in.


Tipping point, anyone?


  1. You have to ask yourself...Have I had enough yet? People are protesting because they have had ENOUGH. I continue to be amazed at the stupidity of "our" so called federal government> They are experts at rewarding people for doing the wrong thing. Have children you can't afford, no problem here is a check from money we stole (taxes) from someone else (here is a news flash for them I have my own children to feed and I do not ask for any help), food stamps and welfare/medical care to illegal emigrates same thing, break our laws and get paid and on it goes. I do not want their kind of "help". War on Drugs is a joke and a HUGE waste of taxpayer money. You should be able to walk into any pharmacy and get anything you want. It is my body and my life to do as I CHOSE! We have the most people in prisons of any nation in the world! We are becoming a police state. They cannot even secure the damn borders. TSA is a joke and has not "caught" a single terrorist! Fusion Centers, endless wars, endless taxes, endless laws, endless foriegn aid that does nothing for us, endless expansion of the federal government that invade my God given rights and my wallet but on it goes. I AM SICK OF IT!! I am sick and tired of working my ass off to give it to those that do NOTHING! I am SICK of my government abusing me at all levels. We need a federal balanced budget ammendment and a MUCH small federal government now!!! We need an end to "free" trade that is exporting our jobs! We need to take away the Federal Governments credit card before they destroy us with it. They should defend the borders, provide for a stable currency and leave everything else to the individual States as the founding fathers of our great nation intended. I fear for my children's future.


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