The power of III

Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

03 October 2011

History of the modern Israeli-Arab conflict in 11 min.

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Well done video, historically accurate as far as my reading of the conflict, although very unfavorable to the Pals. Poor and oppressed as they may be, they lie in a bed they and their leaders made for themselves.

Esau hates Jacob...struggle began in the womb.

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.--Golda Meir

"Don't tread on me" in Hebrew


  1. and we should care about this why? Let them fight their own battles, with their own weapons. American youth will be sucked into endless wars because of our Israeli "allies"

    No more aid. No more weapons.

    Commerce with all, allied to none...

  2. Agree. Disentangle and trade. Stop foreign aid to Egypt and Israel. Take care of ourselves.

    I posted because I thought it was a good counterpoint to the Palestinian propaganda, which is all you will hear and see on the MSM.

    I am much more sympathetic to the Israelis, as is obvious. I think the Libertarian leaning crowd is too hard on them. They are in a bad situation that is hard to make better--the other side has a goal,which is to end the Jewish state, and the Palestinians have what I call "transgenerational" patience to get the job done.

    The Israeli government sucks. The Israeli ROE sucks. Israel has been in a no win situation since the late 80's. If they do nothing, they are bombarded from Gaza. If they intervene, even though they have a right and duty to protect citizens, they make enemies at home and abroad.

    Anyone who cares about the conflict should make sure they understand both sides well.

  3. Yes. I understand your point, though I would contend that the Pro-Israeli lobby (over the long term) has enjoyed a much more favorable treatment from the good ole MSM.

    In any case, for me it matters not. There are 50 countries in this world that you could say the same thing for. Are we to police them all?

    All things stem from one another. They are not isolated instances. Our country runs on debt. Debt comes from Wars. Wars come from alliances. To hell with them all I say.

  4. Commerce with all, alliances with none.

    No nation to nation welfare or bribes. Let individuals decide to give charity, if they want. The .gov gives our money away without any consultation.

    I agree with you.

    No lobbies.

    A very small federal government would disincentivize lobby groups from forming in the first place. I think the founding generation knew that.