The power of III

Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

22 September 2011

Bonnie Blue Cufflinks, and my wife argues with a stranger outside a picket line

Recently, we had a family event, and my wife surprised me with a pair of custom made Bonnie Blue Flag cufflinks, which I now treasure.  She had looked for similar cufflinks online, and when she couldn't find them, she had them made! 

To top that off, the other day, she was walking past a group of union members picketing, and ended up getting into an argument with a total stranger about how unrealistic their demands were economically, even bringing up the school of Austrian economics! She ended up telling the guy that he was drinking the kool-aid of the mainstream media.

It wasn't long ago that she drank the same kool-aid, btw.  

Could it be someone actually took what I've been saying to heart, that I'm not just preachin' to the choir?

Did you ever get the feeling the Rapture might be just around the corner? ;-)