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05 August 2011

We earn less, AND can afford less for the same labor.

"The vast majority of tax return filers – more than 97 percent – reported incomes of less than $200,000. The average income was $54,283, a drop of more than $3,500, or 6 percent, from 2008. That put the average income at its lowest level since 1997."

Link to Politico

What does that mean, exactly?

From The Inflation Calculator:

What cost $3500 in 2008 would cost $3541.78 in 2010.
Also, if you were to buy exactly the same products in 2010 and 2008,
they would cost you $3500 and $3385.41 respectively.

Not only does the average wage earner earn 3500 less, in 2008, the extra income of 3500 would have bought that much more than what the same $ buys two years later.  This is how you are robbed of your wealth. Dribs, drabs, a thousand papercuts, boiling frog, and all that.  Too slow to see in action until it's too late.

Guess what? It's too late.

If everyone realized this, it should unite right and left against the root causes: Central banking, fiat currency, Big Government, and crony corporatism.

Anybody as angry as I am?

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