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09 August 2011

UK riots: What exactly are the police for, if they cannot protect people and their property?

Good for nothing. 

Awesome, home run of a blogpost by blogger James Delingpole of The Telegraph (UK)

Verbatim post.

Glossary of British English: sharpish = right away.  twigged = realized.
(I had to look it up... ;-)... England and the USA, two peoples separated by a common language)


In the Sunday Telegraph last weekend we learned that plans to improve London’s systematically useless police force the Metropolitan Police by appointing US supercop Bill Bratton to take it over and revamp it had been blocked by a woman called Theresa May.

By spooky coincidence, a woman also called Theresa May hit the headlines again more recently when she refused to give permission for young, unarmed, outnumbered policemen struggling – and mostly failing – to contain some of the worst riots in British history to use water cannon.

Is this Theresa May person really Home Secretary of one of the world’s leading economies? And if so, please can we have a new one, sharpish?

Sure, one can see why Theresa May was so keen to be seen ruling out the use of water cannon. Tripping around her pretty little head – as I’m sure it does in the pretty little heads of most loyal Cameroons – is a mantra that goes: “Mustn’t be seen as the Nasty Party. Mustn’t be seen as the Nasty Party. Mustn’t be seen as the Nasty Party. etc”. No doubt she imagined herself getting lots of brownie points from Dave and Steve and the gang for the way she had exploited this high profile opportunity – her first occasion, really, to show what she is made of – to help detoxify the brand and show that above all else the New Conservatives care at least as much as that nice Tony Blair’s New Labour did.

Problem is, what Theresa clearly hasn’t yet twigged is that the world has changed. For those of us who never got to experience the Second World War, this is the beginning of the most dramatic, turbulent and terrifying era of our lifetime. The rules have changed; the old keep-whistling-cheerfully-and-pretend-it’s-all-going-to-go-away political bullshit is no longer valid currency.

As an example of this, just look at the response to my colleague Daniel Knowles’s blog condemning Roger Helmer MEP for his recent Tweet suggesting looters should be shot on sight. I agree with Daniel that the Tweet was ill-advised; and, thoroughly decent man that he is, I don’t believe for a second that Helmer really believes that rioters in Britain now should be shot dead. Where I diverge sharply from Daniel – as, very forcibly do most of the commenters below his blog, I’m please to note – is that the most vital lesson to be drawn from Helmer’s Tweet is that David Cameron should expel him from the Tory party.


Er, hello, Daniel. The streets of London are burning. The world economy is collapsing. Not one of the world’s leaders has shown him or herself remotely up to the task of dealing with the problems now facing us. And here you still are, stuck in the old world,  discussing how the Conservative party (if it can actually be said still to exist after its emasculation by the Cameron project) might present itself in a more favourable, snuggly, caring, inclusive, non-judgemental light.

Snuggle, snuggle. "Mustn't be seen as a nasty Party"

There are lots of reasons why we are where we are today: the takeover of the police force by politically correct Blairite apparatchiks like Ian Blair; the Macpherson report; multiculturalism; ludicrous, self-defeating slogans like (the Met’s motto) “working towards a safer London.” These are entrenched problems which will not easily be undone; they certainly require root and branch reform of the kind that an outsider like Bill Bratton is far better placed to achieve.
And I don’t believe the most of the young policemen and women now laying their necks on the line actually want to be working in the kind of PC police force we have today. I think most of them are thoroughly appalled at the way they are only allowed to perform their primary duty – protecting people and property – with one arm tied behind their back by PC regulations. I think what they want is for the kind of police force that does what most of us expect the police to do. Not to make us “safer”. But to make us actually safe.
The police can't even protect their own property, apparently.

The UK riots are another great example of what happens when a population is disarmed.  An armed society is a polite society. 

You don't have to rely on PC police to "save" you, as if they ever would.  Anyway, they'll arrive in time to scrape you off the sidewalk and write a report.  You've heard it before: when seconds count, the police will arrive in minutes.

Delingpole, by the way, is the guy who had the scoop of the internal emails of the UK climate scientists, which showed collusion and falsification of data
(so- called Climategate), which started the Global warming skepticism that has been increasing ever since. 

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