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02 July 2011

Wyoming makes it official: No permit to carry open or concealed

James Wesley, Rawles _ Survival Blog
Hooray! Effective today, July 1, 2011, Wyoming will no longer require permits for concealed carry of firearms. Wyoming now joins Vermont, Arizona, and Alaska in recognizing the Constitutional right to unrestricted carry, both openly and concealed, without any permit. “Senate Bill 47 amends Wyoming Revised Statute 6-8-104 to allow anyone who has lived in the state of Wyoming for six months or more, and who meets the other requirements of the older concealed carry law (excluding the requirement that an individual demonstrate proficiency with a firearm) to carry a concealed weapon, without applying for or obtaining a permit.” I expect Idaho and Montana (both American Redoubt (see: *) states, like Wyoming) to soon follow suit. Freedom is on the march. A nifty animated GIF (see: **) over at Wikipedia shows the advance of the right to carry since 1986. Have a Happy 4th of July Weekend!

From the Laramie Boomerang:

SF 47 — Amendment to the concealed carry firearms and weapons laws

“I have had a lot of questions on that,” Bohling said of SF 47. “It’s really pretty simple.”

SF 47 amends Statute 6-8-104 to remove the requirement that a person obtain a permit to carry a concealed deadly weapon.

Bohling said nonresidents, convicted felons and others who are not allowed to conceal carry today will still not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon after July 1.

In addition, people will still not be allowed to carry concealed weapons in certain places such as bars, schools, churches and government buildings.

“You will be subject to all the restrictions and rules that govern people who get a permit,” Bohling said. “What this really was, was for those people who don’t travel a lot outside of the state and felt that it was a burden and an imposition on them to carry a concealed weapon and have to go through that permit process.”

Currently, Statute 6-8-104 requires that people prove they can handle a firearm with proficiency in order to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

“What the language of the statute says is ‘demonstrates proficiency with a firearm,’” Bohling said. “It has a long list of things, which includes completing a hunter’s safety course (and) taking an NRA-certified firearms course.”

Former law enforcement officers and military veterans can obtain a concealed carry permit if they can prove they receive firearms training.

But after July 1, people will no longer be required to complete a firearms training class to conceal carry legally. Bohling said this shouldn’t be a cause for concern, however, since the requirements to show proficiency were not strict in the first place.

“It’s, basically, just wanting to ensure that you know which end of the gun to point at the bad guy,” he said. “It’s not nearly as extensive as some folks think.”

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