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24 July 2011

Self proclaimed Knight Templar puts marxists to the sword in Norway: Anders Breivik

I was shocked like everyone else to learn that one man committed the Oslo bombing and the summer camp massacre.  What the mainstream media is thin on is details, of course.  The "summer camp" was a socialist party camp.  The stories in the news describe his anti-muslim bent, and softpedal or ignore his anti-marxist/ pro European nationalist ideology.  He is called "extremist/Christian/far right" etc.  

I was even more shocked to see the amount of time and organization that Breivik put into his publications, on YouTube and on the internet (1500 page manifesto on history, prepping, tactics, strategy, political goals, contingencies, etc.,  Agree or disagree with this guy, you have to be impressed with the effort he put into his publication.)  In his manifesto, he states that he is not particularly religious, and his organization is against hate groups that rule by coercion, including Nazi, socialist/communist, Islamic, and the type of Christian religious regimes that were prevalent in the middle of the last millenium, when Christian killed Christian over doctrine and political power.

His main goals are to eliminate Marxism from Europe, restore Nationalism, and expel Muslims from Europe.  He fancies himself and his compatriots the modern "Knights Templar".

Start with his video.  I will publish excerpts of his manifesto in future posts.

I don't know how long the YouTube link will last.  Alternate link here:

As a libertarian, my dogma is to not encroach on another person or their property (whether it is by intimidation, assault/murder, theft, etc.,). 

That is, unless the person is coming to hurt you, in which case you are not only allowed to defend yourself (you are morally obligated to do so), you should also make certain that that person won't be a threat in the future. 

Breivik felt that both Marxist/NWO/Socialists were an existential threat to everything he held dear in Norwegian Christian civilization, and he justified his violence against his government and the Socialist party summer camp in this manner.  His goal is to raise awareness, and by his actions, start the processes described in the video.   

In his reasoning, the multicultruralism brought by the progressive/socialists around Western Europe allowed the additional existential (demographic) Muslim threat. In his mind, both threats are to be faced.  

What I am trying to work out for myself is this: Given my baseline libertarian philosophy, how do I react to the same kind of creeping inexorable threat to my own way of life? It's not a guy breaking into my house with a knife or a gun. It's not a SWAT team busting into my house on a warrantless search, or a Federal or State authority trying to take away my guns.

The threat to those of us in this country comes from several angles: personal liberty, threatened by the size of government, irregardless of party in power; impoverishment, threatened by the size of government (debt), non-defensive military expansion and adventurism, and monetary policy;  demographic threats; and the gradual loss of local, state, and national sovereignty to creeping world government (call it New World Order, there are other names).

Breivik's concerns mirror my own;  I feel in my heart that what he did was morally wrong.  I could not randomly kill someone who may or may not be a threat.  I would have to know that the person was really a threat.    

This is the question his actions raise in my mind:

When you perceive a distant threat, should you be proactive, and ride out to meet the threat far from your realm, or do you wait until the threat is entering your house?

Theoden: What can men do against such reckless hate?

Aragorn: Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.

Theoden: For death and glory?

Aragorn: For Rohan. For your people.

--J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

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