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07 July 2011

Al-Qaida's invisible bomb threat

So now they want to step up the "interaction" with passengers because the "government says" that Al-Qaida's chatrooms and forums are full of chatter about surgically implanting bombs in a potential attacker.  Some MSM reports say "they may have already done so".  Other media reports say that these bombs implanted are not detectable on current micromillimeter or backscatter xray technology (pornoscanners).

What do you make of these stories?  Does it give you pause?  Are you afraid to travel now?  Are you anxious for the TSA to get more intimate with your body to make sure we are all safer?

I believe that these stories are the government pushing back at the public for the anti-TSA wave that has been going through the country.  How can the .gov counter this anti-government wave? 

Fear.  Bring up the terrifying mortal threat, and the herd animals will allow the round-up with nary a bleat.

There is no way for the public to assess the credibility of the threat that the government claims exists. 

My 4th Amendment right stands. I will invoke that right whenever a personal search is unwarranted.  When I am travelling through my own country with my family, I do not voluntarily give up my 4th Amendment rights.  There is no way that I will let the TSA touch or irradiate my kids.  I would rather be arrested and give up my trip. 

Metal detector and xray luggage, yes.  Pornoscanner or grope, NFW.

Since the current pornoscanner technology, already linked to a cancer cluster of TSA workers(probably a union ploy, though), are for surface imaging only, the xrays stop at your skin. The scanner doesnt penetrate to see any internally ingested or implanted device.

This is potentially harmful to skin (theoretical risk of melanoma), eye lens (cataract) and thyroid (thyroid cancer).  Low power xrays (the backscatter machine) actually lead to a higher absorbed dose of radiation than if the xrays were sent at a higher power.  The xrays at a higher energy would go through your body more effectively, but would cause radiation absorption in every organ, and the feds would have to put lead all around to prevent irradiating everyone else within a few meters. Can't be done.

There have been two whole attempted al-Qaida attacks on US connected targets since 9/11.  One was the shoe bomber, December 2001, and one was the underwear bomber, December 2009.  The attackers, incompetent as they were, were not stopped by airport security, not in the paranoia three months after 9/11, nor after 8 years of real world experience. 

So really, based on the millions of flights, millions of travellers, etc., in the past 10 years, how many of us have been at risk? 

A fraction of a fraction of a fraction.  And we the people stopped the bad guys, not the feds.

How much of your money do you want on a system that is now metastasizing into a real Gestapo type organization, with that warm and fuzzy name, VIPR?  Who will VIPR inconvenience? Who will end up fearing their appearance?  Us.  Feel safer yet?

So, with regard to implanted (currently invisible) bombs:

What will our protective overlords do?  Deeper groping?  Rectal exams? Endoscopy?  Everyone on a conveyor belt, on their back, going through CT scanners? 

How much money will they spend in a bankrupt country, chasing after internet chat room rumors?

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