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Summum ius summa iniuria--More law, less justice

22 June 2011

WTF? This aint the America I grew up in!

Yankees in Washington State:

People who hope to beat the summer heat by swimming, floating or boating on rivers in King County must wear a life vest or face an $86  fine.

A divided County Council on Monday passed a personal flotation device ordinance by a five to four vote. Opponents said it was an intrusive move by "big government."

"This Council sometimes thinks it's everybody's mom," said Councilwoman Kathy Lambert, who voted "no."
Supporters said the new rule will save lives.

Baaaaahh! All you sheep!!
Don't forget your life vest!!

The law appears to be the first of its kind in the state. Staff with the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington said Kitsap and Clark counties had rules about people wearing life vests while on sail boards, water scooters and other water craft, but it didn't appear any other county required swimmers to wear the  devices.

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  1. must be illeagal if you want to drown yourself?

  2. Wow - DUMB with a capital "DUH!" Of course, passing an ordinance is one thing; enforcing it is another. One hopes that decent law enforcement officials will conveniently ignore the violators.

  3. @Anon: With intent, there are laws, I dont know if it's universal, against suicide, or at least Ive always heard.

    What percent of cops on any given force are drones, and what percent are human beings who think for themselves? This is also related to their age: 20-somethings are much more likely to go by rote; 40 somethings go by intuition and experience.

  4. @Honourable
    So true. And enforcement of the ordinance might depend upon how much $$ has been stolen from the populace in any given month from traffic violations and drug-dealer confiscations. I reckon each municipality has a quota that must be met.

  5. Yeah, HM, but how bad could the penalty be for successfully committing suicide? Has anybody EVER heard of anyone being charged with a crime for botching a suicide attempt? I sure haven't. - Dutchy

  6. Those antisuicide laws are: the stupidest laws ever made, and the ultimate insult to the idea of Natural Rights.

    The highest possession and ultimate aspect of private ownership of a human being is their life. For a state to make a law against suicide is akin to saying "your life is not your own."

    The two libertarian principles that I teach my kids, and the principles that enable society to exist are:
    1. Do all you say that you are going to do; fulfill your obligations.
    2. Do not encroach on other people (their physical body) or their property.

    Once one of these is violated, conflict is set in motion.