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07 June 2011

Tom Woods: Nullification, MSM Zombies, Peace, and Liberty

He speaks for 48 minutes, but it is worth it--make the time.

In this recent speech, he references another video he did, which is the 2nd one posted below.

Premise of the 2nd video: the "zombie" represents the left mainstream media; he can only say one word at a time. Implication: No difference between being interviewed by Rachel Maddow, Olbermann, Ed Schultz, etc., because they don't want to discuss the content, only smear...



  1. Mr. H. Means,

    I frequent several states rights oriented sites and I have to say you do a very fine job of posting substantive, informative, and at the same time quite entertaining information. Keep up the good work, Sir.


  2. While it certainly is true that most politicians and government officials are lying sociopaths, I don't subscribe to the Libertarian view that no foreign intervention is acceptable. There would be no America, no united States, if France had not intervened to our benefit.

    Many of our interventions have indeed been unnecessary and wrong, but some have not. The Cuban missile crisis was a reasonable response to offensive missiles aimed at America (my father photographed them, flying out of MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL.) Assisting the tiny country of Kuwait from being annexed by Iraq was another. Sure, it would have been more appropriate for the other Arab states to counter Barack Hussein, er, I mean Saddam Hussein. But they did not possess the means to easily stop Iraq's incursion into Kuwait, while we did - and did so at the request of Saudi Arabia, if truth be known.

    So, I will remain separate from the Libertarian condemnation of all military intervention, and actually regret the fact we did not intervene where it might have done some good, such as in Darfur, and in Iraq when Saddam was using chemical WMD against the Kurds, killing hundreds of thousands of them. Yes, we need to avoid doing it as easily, and for such politicalreasons as we have recently seen with Libya. We cannot rightly refuse to intervene in every instance simply because "foreign entanglements" are _usually_ best avoided.